How Compliance Management can Contribute to Exponential Growth.

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How Compliance Management can Contribute to Exponential G rowth.


As the world is changing to digital at a very rapid pace, the fact applies to every aspect of our lives, both individually as well as the business world. When a company follows the rules laid out by a regulatory body to the hilt, it means that it is compliant with regulations. The compliance management is an immense undertaking that has to be managed by each and every stakeholder in every industry which cannot be done on excels. An automated compliance management software is pretty evident in the current state and is definitely the need of the hour.


What makes compliance management to be automated? To truly understand the game-changing nature of automation for compliance management, it is necessary to see one in action. With the ever increasing data and information for a company, it becomes hard for compliance management officers and managers to ensure that all company’s independent policies, processes, rules and documentation are perfectly compliant with all the independent regulations laws and business requirements.


COMPLINITY : Governance, Risk and Compliance Management Software . It is the most simple yet powerful way to track and monitor compliances. Its significant features are : 1) Covers 500+ laws and 5000+ compliances covering central, state, municipal and industry specific compliances. 2) In house expert team of CA, CS, Lawyers and engineers lead by 6 partners with 20+ years of experience. 3) Real time legal updates for changes in laws. 4) Provides visibility on the compliance status for all offices, branches, factories, etc. 5) Email alerts and escalations for compliance due dates.


6) Dashboards and compliance certificates for Board reporting. 7) Allows secretarial or compliance audit through virtual data room. 8) Established and mature product being used by enterprises for last 10 years. 9) Dedicated support team with IT based helpdesk system and escalation matrix. For more information about Compliance Management System, and how it can further add value to your organization, Visit:

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