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Beta Compliance Test offering business rule testing with some e


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bEta Compliance test:

bEta Compliance test Business rule testing

What is business rule?:

What is business rule? A rule that defines an aspect of a business and influence behavior of its processes is known as a business rule. It includes all the operations, definitions, constraints and data standards that apply to an organization to ensure its smooth functioning. These rules apply to processes and computing systems in an organization, and are out in place to achieve the desired set of goals.

Why business rule testing is important?:

Why business rule testing is important? It helps business in meeting the necessary requirements right the very first time. It ensures that all business rules are in compliance to the defined industry standards. It helps in rendering desired results to the customers with no or minimal errors. It reduces time and cost associated with further testing and development procedures. It enables faster maintenance and enhancement of your organization.

What is Compliance Test?:

What is Compliance Test? Compliance Test is a cloud-based automated test harness for organizations with products and services that need to comply with the industry standards published by some specific issuing authority. This service includes two types of customers. Issuing authorities: They publish data exchange standards for a specific community. Here, Compliance Test offers a mechanism to deploy test services along with tracking the growth of a community of implementers. Implementers: They offer standard compliance to organizations that have been developing products that must comply with the industry specific standards. Here, Compliance Test offers a test harness to test products and services.

What are the services offered by Compliance test? :

What are the services offered by Compliance test? Test Suites: Compliance Test presents a framework that allows issuing authorities to publish various test suites and implementers to search for the desired set of suite so as to test their information systems. Collaboration: By subscribing and joining the community group, implementers can also collaborate with other members and ask questions, seek for suggestions and check test case results at any point of time. Product Registry: By testing the product for verification of compliance to industry standards implementers can make compliance claims and register their product with the service provider.

How can Compliance Test be of help in business rule testing? :

How can Compliance Test be of help in business rule testing? We provide a suite of test cases with a self-service automated test harness system as well as discussion forum that supports efficient service for validation of complex business rules. We employ highly efficient test tools to ensure cent percent accuracy and reliability in o0ur services. So, connect today and rest assured of top-notch services within your budget range. By: Compliance Test

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