Cremation Urns - History & Significance


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Cremation urns mainly used in the process of cremation for disposal of the dead body. It has its own history and significance and estimated that cremation began around 3000 BC. We at Compare the coffin offer a variety of funeral urns for ashes to choose from.


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C R E M A T I O N U R N S History and Significance A cremation urn is intended to hold the cremated remains or ashes collected after cremating a dead body. Through cremation the individual body is diminished to almost 3-7 pounds depending on the size and mass of the person. Urns have many names such as cremation urns funeral urns memorial urns or cinerary urns. This ritual was introduced by the Ancient Greeks. They were formerly called lekythoi. The Eastern Orthodox Churches Orthodox Jews and Muslims discourage cremation even in the present. Cremation procession again started over a century ago when Professor Brunetti of Italy began the first chamber model at the Vienna Exposition in 1873. People normally use urns for ashes wooden caskets for ashes With the emergence of pet crematories decorative urns for pets too have become popular. View more at Y O U C A N V I E W A N D O R D E R F R O M A V A R I E T Y O F F U N E R A L U R N S F O R A S H E S

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