Give To St. Jude Children’s Hospital This Holiday Season!


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St. Jude Children’s Hospital plays an essential role in healing and supporting kids stricken by life threatening diseases.


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Commodity Trading Research Give To St. Jude Children’s Hospital This Holiday Season!

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Hi, My name is Justin and I‘m with Commodity Trading Research , today were reviewing our recently published article…

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St. Jude Children’s Hospital Provides Hope, and Cures, For Kids With Cancer…

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Friends, believe it or not, 2015 is quickly winding to a close. I don’t know about you, but it seems like yesterday we were celebrating its arrival!

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With just two weeks of holiday shortened trading separating us from 2016 we’re taking a break from our regular weekly routine.

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Instead of bringing you top-notch commodity research today, we’re making a humble request.

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Let’s face it, in our modern society, day-to-day life has become rather hectic. Juggling careers, kids, and common chores doesn’t leave much time to think about others in need.

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But with the holiday season here, it’s the perfect time to focus on giving. Of course, there are many ways to give. Maybe you can donate your time. Maybe it’s money.

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Without question, countless charities are looking for donations to support their cause.

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Let me take a moment to tell you about an organization thatreally needs your help…

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Memphis, Tennessee based St. Jude Children’s Hospital provides world-class treatments for childhood diseases like brain tumors, leukemia, lymphoma, sickle cell diseases, blood disorders, and infectious diseases.

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Fact is, thousands of innocent children are diagnosed with life threatening ailments each and every year. Imagine a family’s fear when they learn their child is faced with a life or death medical situation.

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Not only are they suddenly faced with the possibility of losing a child, they’re also confronted withthe idea of enormous, and possibly ruinous medical bills.

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But St. Jude Children Hospital makes some of those worries disappear…

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Thanks to donations from people like you and me, the miracle workers at St. Jude provide world-class cancer treatment- for free. Treatment , travel, food, housing- all those costs are covered.

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With the financial burden out of the way, parents can focus on the most important task- getting their kids healthy again.

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Here’s the deal…

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According to the St. Jude website, their budgeted daily operating cost is $2 million. Seventy five percent of that number is covered by public contributions.

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Clearly, donations play a key role in allowing St. Jude to perform the miracles they do.So without hesitation, I humbly ask you to donate whatever amount you can afford this holiday season.

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Your generosity will directly impact a family faced with a possibletragedy .

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Here’s a direct link to St. Jude Children’s Hospital donation page…

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With that, I want to wish you a joyous and wonderful holiday season. Whatever your situation in life, remember to count your blessings. And before I forget…

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The folks here at Commodity Trading Research are taking the next two weeks off to spend valuable time with family and friends.

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But don’t worry,we’ll also be researching the latest commodity trends that have the potential to put money in your pocket in 2016! We’ll see you back here at the start of the New Year!

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