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Persuasive Presentation Roy Ellis COMM 218 January 28, 2013 John Borio


Introduction Roy Ellis Time is Money Reduces company cost Benefits of Paperless office

What is Paperless office:

What is Paperless office Lower Companies Expenses Easier to Store records in digital format Save Time Eco-family

Where do you start?:

Where do you start? You start by finding ways to move your documents to a digital format and then slowly move in working towards a paperless office .

Why we should strive for a paperless office?:

Why we should strive for a paperless office? This comes down to dollars and cents. The cost of paper rises every year. By using less paper this will reduce the levels of carbon dioxide that emits from companies that product paper. This will help the environment.


Conclusion By going to paperless office companies will capitalize benefits that is provides: Time is Money Reduce company cost Saving the Environment


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