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ComForcare Are Your Parents Okay At Home? HOME CARE

There are signs that your loved ones may need home care services.:

There are signs that your loved ones may need home care services. Your loved ones may need home care services to ensure their safety and independence when you cannot be there. Look for signs that they may need assistance when visiting the older adults in your life.

Nutrition Issues:

Nutrition Issues Weight loss, diminished appetite Unwillingness to prepare meals Spoiled food left in the refrigerator

Physical Limitations:

Physical Limitations Difficulty standing Problems with walking or balance A history of falls

Grooming & Hygiene Concerns:

Grooming & Hygiene Concerns Hair unwashed and not combed Not bathing regularly Wearing soiled clothing

Medication Non-Adherence:

Medication Non-Adherence Forgetting to take medications on time or as directed Unable to manage multiple medications Not refilling prescriptions

Housekeeping Issues:

Housekeeping Issues Cluttered home Unwashed laundry Paperwork and bills piling up

Lack of Social Life:

Lack of Social Life Unable to drive Lack of interest in socializing No longer participating in activities once enjoyed

Alzheimer’s & Dementia Concerns*:

Alzheimer’s & Dementia Concerns * Changes in personality Experiencing confusion Memory loss or difficulty concentrating * If you are worried that your loved one may be showing signs of dementia, contact a physician immediately for a thorough evaluation.

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