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At Columbia Certified Pest Control, we understand that our customers are looking for a dependable ant extermination service that will provide premium solutions. Whether you’re a large commercial business in need of an ant exterminator, or you simply want an ant free environment for your home, our team is up to the challenge. If you are looking for an ant Extermination service in Lexington, Columbia SC then look no further call us at 803-764-7866 or visit us at


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Columbia Certified Pest Control Ant Extermination:

Columbia Certified Pest Control Ant Extermination 803-764-7866

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About - Columbia Certified Pest Control Columbia Certified Pest Control was founded on a simple premise that permeates throughout our company – to have the highest level of integrity and professionalism in order to protect the health and property of our customers. We provide you with the top industry leading treatment methods for termites and other pest control in Columbia. We pride ourselves on our reputation that we are not your typical Columbia exterminators – we are full-service Columbia pest control experts, getting rid of unwanted pests and making sure they can’t get back in your home or business.

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Ant Extermination Lexington SC

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Columbia Certified Pest Control Ant Extermination Ant Pest Control in Columbia, SC Columbia Certified Pest Control is familiar with the different types of ants you may run into in your home or business in Columbia, South Carolina. We have 5 main species of ants that you may find in your home: Fire Ants: Carpenter Ants: Pharaoh Ants:  House Ants:  Odorous House Ants:

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Columbia Certified Pest Control What Should You Do If You Have An Ant Problem In Columbia, SC Ants can breed quickly, which means if you notice an infestation, there may already be a pretty large ant colony that you haven’t seen yet. Many store bought ant control treatments get rid of the ants from a certain area, but don’t get rid of the nest. If you’ve tried retail solutions and haven’t had much luck, a professional extermination or pest control company, can be your best bet of ridding your home of ants once and for all. After we’ve identified the types of ants that we need to target, our pest control experts will use ant extermination strategies that have been developed specifically for Columbia, SC and surrounding areas.

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Ant Extermination Lexington SC

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Columbia Certified Pest Control Columbia Certified Pest Control: Professional & Affordable Ant Exterminators We take our job seriously, we also take customer service seriously. We understand that unwanted ants can hurt the value of your home and make you and your family uncomfortable. We provide high quality extermination and pest control services so that you and your family can have peace of mind. If you have ant problems in your home in Columbia, SC, call us at 803-764-7866 for your free pest control estimate. You can also get in touch with us online to schedule a time to talk. We offer great specials so you can make sure your home is ant free, year round! Visit for more info:

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Contact Columbia Certified Pest Control Address : 4611 Hardscrabble Rd., Suite 198 ​Columbia, SC 29229 ​Phone: 803-764-7866 Fax: 803-419-8787​ Web: Hours of Operation: M-F: 7am-8pm Sat: 7am-4pm Sun: Closed

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