Plant Adaptations

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Plant Adaptations: 

Plant Adaptations Biology


Aim To Design and Draw a Plant specifically adapted to one of the following environmental conditions: Caribbean Windward Seashore Tropical forest understory Tropical desert Tropical pond


Objectives Review and note at least five characteristic adaptations which plants have made to live in each environmental condition Design and make an annotated drawing of a new plant suited to the selected environmental condition (include at least three adaptations and their functions) Core Skills Targeted Communication (reading and responding) Information Technology (Internet search) Personal Skills (independent or group work)

Environmental conditions: 

Environmental conditions Caribbean windward seashore High winds Dry soil conditions High salt concentration in soil Tropical forest understory High rainfall High humidity Low levels of sunlight (deep shade) Tropical desert Low rainfall (drought conditions) High daytime temperatures Cool nighttime temperature Tropical Pond Aquatic Slow flowing or still water


Method Research plants suited to each of the environmental conditions mentioned in the Iris Bannochie library (see suggested reading below) Locate actual specimens representative of each condition within the gardens Observe and note the adaptations they have made to better survive their environmental conditions Use these plants as a guide to create, name and draw your own plant for each environmental condition

Points to Consider!!: 

Points to Consider!! Do research in the library on naming plants (you might learn a little Latin!!) Your drawing will be judged on its clarity, sensible and legible labels, practicality (special adaptations noted on or below drawing) and dimensions Be creative!! (don’t redraw the specimen plants!!)

Available Resources: 

Available Resources You can use the internet access available in the Iris Bannochie library to assist in your research You can also consult with your teacher or demonstrator for the location of suitable specimen plants for each environmental condition within the garden

Suggested Reading/Website Links: 

Suggested Reading/Website Links The Names of Plants Wild Plants of Barbados Botanical Latin Flowers of the Seaside Houseplants and Cacti Plant Communities of Barbados Encyclopedia of Cacti Seaside Plants of the World How to Draw Plants Indoor and Greenhouse Plants (1&2) Flora of the Lesser Antilles

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