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We are a Professional Color Changing Pigment Manufacturer And Suppliers in Gujrat, India. Our Color Changing Chemicals are Nontoxic And Skin Friendly. We Supply the Color Changing Chemicals Across the World.


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Americos is an innovative company developing high quality Textile Auxiliaries, Speciality Chemicals, Finishing Chemicals, Speciality Finishes, Dyestuff. Additionally, it is also serving major food, beverage, and pharmaceutical manufacturers with its range of specialty enzymes and flavours. The network of Americos, footprints India and is continuously expanding business locations worldwide to serve its customers in real time. Fueled and fired by creativity, Americos constantly develops new products and technologies in its domain. ABOUT US

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Thermochromic Pigments Photochromic Pigments Glow In Dark Pigments COLOR CHANGING PIGMENT MANUFACTURER

Color Changing Pigment:

Color Changing Pigment

Glow Colors:

Glow Colors

Glow In The Dark Colors:

Glow In The Dark Colors

Glow in The Cark Pigment:

Glow in The Cark Pigment

Glow Pigment Powder:

Glow Pigment Powder

Thermochromic Pigment:

Thermochromic Pigment

Thermochromic Powder:

Thermochromic Powder

Heat Changing Pigment:

Heat Changing Pigment

Thermochromic Color:

Thermochromic Color

Thermochromic Pigment Powder:

Thermochromic Pigment Powder

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