Black Friday Special Tips and Tricks on ON-Page SEO 2016


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Black Friday Special SEO On-Page 2016 :

Black Friday Special SEO On-Page 2016

On Page SEO Types to Include in Website:

On Page SEO Types to Include in Website Page Titles Meta Description Meta Keywords Geo Meta Tag URL Structure Heading Tags Href Tags Keyword Density Images SEO Internal Link Sitemap Robots.txt 100% Satisfaction Digital Marketing Service India

Page Titles:

Page Titles SEO Title tags has been called as title elements. It define the title of a each web page. Title tags are mostly used by search engine to display the results, which is likely called as SERPs. It also display some preview snippets for a given page, and are important both for SEO and social sharing. Code Sample <head> <title>Example Title</title> </head>

Meta Keywords, Description:

Meta Keywords, Description The < meta >  tag  provides  metadata  about the HTML tag used in web page.  Meta  tag elements technically used to mention the description and  keywords.

GEO Meta Tags:

GEO Meta Tags GEO Meta Tag GEO Region GEO Place Name GEO Position GEO ICBM Source: <meta name="geo.region" content="IN-TN" /> <meta name="geo.placename" content="Coimbatore" /> <meta name="geo.position" content="11.023773;77.011947" /> <meta name="ICBM" content="11.023773, 77.011947" />

Heading & Body Tags:

Heading & Body Tags Heading & Body Tags Heading 1 in Each web Page Heading 2 (10-H2) in Each web Page Heading 3 in Each web Page Heading 4 in Each web Page Strong, Italic & Anchor Tags

A Href Lang Tag:

A Href Lang Tag The hreflang attribute (also referred to as  rel ="alternate" hreflang ="x") it means that Google can understand the language what you have used in a specific page, so that Google can display the result to users searching in the preferred language. Code Sample <link rel ="alternate" href ="" hreflang ="en-us" /> Country Specific Samples's <link rel ="alternate" href ="" hreflang =" es-es " /> <link rel ="alternate" href =" fr /" hreflang =" fr-fr " /> <link rel ="alternate" href =" pt /" hreflang =" ch-ch " />

Keyword Density & Formula:

Keyword Density & Formula KD = Keyword Density KWA = Keyword Appearances TW = Total Words

Image SEO with Alt Attributes and Caption:

Image SEO with Alt Attributes and Caption Alt Attributes <img src=“banner.png" alt=“Custom Web Design" height=“450" width=“1200 “ > Caption

Internal Link:

Internal Link An  internal link  is a kind of anchor-link on your webpage to another webpage or source, such as keyword, an image or document, on the same domain. Internal Link <p>number one travel <a href="">website design company</a> thanks to a huge amount of technical know-how and passion for building sites for clients Source Code:

Sitemap & Robots:

Sitemap & Robots A  site map  (or  sitemap ) is a list of web pages of a website that helps to their targeted audience and Google crawlers or robots. It can be added in two formats one kind is XML and the other one is html. A Robots is a .txt extension file which is added at the root of your website that indicates those web pages of links should not be accessed by search engine crawlers or robots. Googlebot and other web crawlers will follow the instructions in a robots.txt file.

Contact Us:

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