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DasDex Mail is a Secure File Transfer Service. If you have to send large files to a client in another country or the same city, you can easily do that using the Best File Transfer Website.


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DasDex Mail: A Secure File Transfer Service There is a growing need for sending large confidential files to a remote location. Engineers and architects in large companies oftentimes need to Send Large Files to their clients for approval or reference. Earlier it was performed with the help of a courier service. However this is not safe because there was a possibility of the package getting lost or damaged on the way. Additionally if documents are needed the same day it simply doesn’t make sense to courier the documents. Emailing larger files is even impossible because email providers don’t let you send attachments of large size. And FTP is even not an effectual method to transfer big files because data security concerns are there. So a Secure Files Transfer service is the right method to transfer multiple files swiftly to manifold recipients at the same time. If you have to send large files to a client in another country or the same city you can easily do that using the Best File Transfer Website. All you have to do is to create your account upload the files and then forward them to the email id of the recipient. This manner you tend to save the resources and transfer the files at a lesser cost. Although there are several things that you need to keep in mind before you send large files using a file transfer service. You must provide for example current and accurate details when registering yourself at the file transfer website. Needless to mention data theft has become a serious concern for those who share files online. But exchanging confidential files through a secure file transfer service is safer because the procedure is password protected. As a user you shouldn’t share your password and other account information with anybody else and you shouldn’t allow the third-party to use your account on your behalf too. Additionally while you upload as well as send files be certain that you are not trespassing the Intellectual Property Rights without owner’s permission. It is necessary to remember that a secure file transfer service always stores your data and files on its web server for a certain period of time. And it is deleted on the expiry date. So you should have a backup of your files. Codebase AG comes out with secure file transfer service that helps you to transfer confidential files and data without intricacy. So contact them today and get quality file transfer service. Switzerland Ofce

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Codebase AG Haldenstrasse 5 CH-6006 Luzern Switzerland. +41 41 312 13 91 contactgetbackyourprivacy.com India Ofce Codebase Technologies Private Limited 427 First foor Udyog Vihar Phase 3 Gurgaon Haryana India +91 124 4203552 contactcodebase.co.in

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