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Evidence of a Flood: 

Evidence of a Flood Biblical Building Block by Terrie Kinsey

A Foundation Blockof the Bible?: 

A Foundation Block of the Bible? Recorded by Moses as an historical event. Jesus and the apostles accepted the flood as an historical event. Peter emphasized the importance of belief in the Flood (2 Peter 3:5-7).

All Mixed Up: 

More ocean sediments than terrestrial sediments on continents. What are marine fossils doing on the continents? All Mixed Up

Water Over the Land?: 

Large amounts of water are needed to produce widespread deposits of marine fossils on the continents of the same rock type on the continents of turbidites on the continents (What’s a turbidite?) Water Over the Land?

A Titanic Earthquake!: 

A Titanic Earthquake! In 1929, an earthquake near Newfoundland caused a flow of sediment that snapped 13 underwater communication cables. The sediment covered 40,000 sq. mi. in 13 hours, even reaching the wreck of the Titanic.

Turbidites on Land? : 

Turbidites on Land? Sediments deposited by underwater turbidity currents are called turbidites. Thousands of turbidites have been discovered on the continents. Were the continents once covered by water?

Contact Lines: 

Contact Lines The line between sedimentary layers (contact line) shows the amount of erosion. More time should result in more erosion.

Contact Lines: 

Contact Lines Scientists are finding flat contact lines which cannot be explained by millions of years of exposure. Could these layers have been deposited rapidly?

Scientific Evidence: 

Marine sediments on top of terrestrial sediments on top of marine sediments. Turbidites on the continents. Smooth contact lines in some places. Scientific Evidence

There will always beunanswered questions: 

There will always be unanswered questions

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