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Exploring Microsoft PowerPoint 2003: 

Committed to Shaping the Next Generation of IT Experts. Chapter 2 - Gaining Proficiency Robert Grauer and Maryann Barber Exploring Microsoft PowerPoint 2003

Objectives (1 of 2) : 

Objectives (1 of 2) Insert a table onto a PowerPoint slide Add headers and footers to slides and/or the audience handouts Use Rehearse Timings feature Create a hidden slide Send a presentation for review; accept and reject reviewer edits

Objective (2 of 2): 

Objective (2 of 2) Import a Word outline as the basis for a presentation Download a photograph from the Web for inclusion in a presentation Insert a hyperlink into a presentation Insert a photo album in a presentation Use the AutoContent Wizard as the basis for a presentation

Case Study: Feature Films, Inc.: 

Case Study: Feature Films, Inc. The opening case study focuses on using the AutoContent Wizard to prepare a presentation. Students are asked to put themselves in the roles of a small business owners for a film company. Students will open an existing presentation, add more content, add clips, and rehearse the presentation. Students are also asked to print handouts, an outline, and one slide with notes added.

Slide Show Tools: 

Slide Show Tools Hidden Slide Set Up Show command Rehearsed timings Table Insert Table command

Insert Table Command: 

Insert Table Command Choose Amount of Columns and Rows Insert Table command

Header and Footer: 

Header and Footer Header and Footer command Slide number Date/Time Add Footer

Go To Slide Command: 

Go To Slide Command Right Click Screen Go to Slide

Annotate a Slide: 

Annotate a Slide Slide Show view Right Click Pointer Options Click Pen Or, Ctrl + P

Send for Review: 

Send for Review Send To command Attached slide Recipient’s email Add note

Reviewing a Presentation: 

Reviewing a Presentation Click to see details Suggested changes Revisions Pane Reviewing toolbar


Hands-on Exercise 1 Title of Exercise: Slide Show Tools Objective: to use the Rehearse Timings feature to practice your delivery; to use the Slide Navigator, pen, and Meeting Minder during a presentation. Input file: Blank document Output file: My First Document

PowerPoint and the Internet: 

PowerPoint and the Internet Internet World Wide Web (WWW) Hyperlink HTML Save As Web Page command

Search the Web for a Picture: 

Search the Web for a Picture Save the picture Right Click Picture + Choose Save Picture As

Insert Picture: 

Insert Picture Insert the picture Insert Picture command Locate the saved picture

Move and Size an Object: 

Move and Size an Object Click mouse on sizing handle (corner) to size and drag to size Click and hold mouse to drag and move

Photo as Background: 

Photo as Background Insert the picture Locate Picture Format Menu and Background command Click drown down arrow and choose fill effects

Photo as Background: 

Photo as Background

Copyright Protection: 

Copyright Protection Copyright Copyright Infringement Public domain Fair use Footnote Endnote Insert Footnote command Software piracy


Hands-on Exercise 2 Title of Exercise: The Internet as a Resource Objective: to import slides from an outline; to download a picture from the Internet and use it in a PowerPoint presentation Input file: New Presentation Output file: Extinction of the Dinosaurs

Fun With Photographs: 

Fun With Photographs The Photo Album Import multiple photographs into your PowerPoint Presentation Specify if you want one, two, or three photos per slide Photos can be imported from your hard disk, a scanner, or a digital camera Photos can become a backgrounds for your slides using the Format Background command Photos can be used as Fill for WordArt using the Format WordArt command

Sample Fun with Photos…: 

Sample Fun with Photos… Sample Photo Album

Sample Fun with Photos…: 

Sample Fun with Photos… Cropped Photos

Sample Fun with Photos…: 

Sample Fun with Photos… Photo as Background

Sample Fun with Photos…: 

Sample Fun with Photos… Black and White Transition

Sample Fun with Photos…: 

Sample Fun with Photos… Photo as WordArt

Sample Fun with Photos…: 

Sample Fun with Photos… Credits and Sound

Photographs: Files Formats and File Folders: 

Photographs: Files Formats and File Folders Files Formats My Pictures folder is a good area to store and manage photographs Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) JPEG format (.jpg) is most popular for photographs and file sizes are manageable Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) GIF format (.gif) is used mostly for clip art and file sizes are usually large than JPEG

Create a Photo Album: 

Create a Photo Album Insert + New Photo Album Insert Picture Locate picture Select Picture

Transitions and Animations: 

Transitions and Animations Entrance effect Apply Animation


Hands-on Exercise 3 Title of Exercise: Fun with Photographs Objective: create a photo album; use cropping and other techniques to enhance photographs, apply custom animation to various slides Input file: New Presentation with New Photo Album Output file: My Photo Album

AutoContent Wizard: 

AutoContent Wizard Task Pane Asks a series of questions Builds an automatic Color Scheme Builds a general Outline Helps you get started


Hands-on Exercise 4 Title of Exercise: The AutoContent Wizard Objective: use the AutoContent wizard to create a generic presentation for subsequent modification; insert a hyperlink on a presentation slide Input file: New Presentation using AutoContent Wizard Output file: Our First Exam

Chapter 2 Summary: 

Chapter 2 Summary Develop content first Use slide show tools Format presentation Use the Internet Work with Photographs Use the AutoContent Wizard


End-of-Chapter Exercises Multiple Choice Practice Exercises Exercise 1 – Composite Photographs Exercise 2 – Impressionist Exercise 3 – My Favorite Presidents Exercise 4 – My State or Country Exercise 5 – Hidden Slides Exercise 6 – Creating a Timeline Exercise 7 – Look Ahead Exercise 8 – A Business Plan


End-of-Chapter Exercises Mini Cases Case 1 – Digital Cameras Case 2 – The Annual Report Case 3 – Two Different Clipboards Case 4 – Director of Marketing Case 5 – Online Broadcasts



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