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Overview & Applications RADIO FREQUENCY IDENTIFICATION RFID is an automatic identification method, relying on storing and remotely retrieving data using devices called RFID tags or transponders. An RFID tag is an object that can be attached to or incorporated into a product for the purpose of identification using radio waves. Chip-based RFID tags contain silicon chips and antennas.

RFID Benefits: 

RFID Benefits Versus Bar Code Labels and Scanning Eliminates human error Improves speed and efficiency Increases information availability and location Allows enhanced security Delivers data with or without network connection RFID Application Manufacturing Supply Chain, Logistics & Distribution Security And Access Control Parking, Bay And Terminal Management Tool Collection

Manufacturing Floor: 

Manufacturing Floor



Application Areas: 

Application Areas Receiving Sortation Product Genealogy Putaway & Picking Inventory Management WIP Tracking Just-in-Sequence Verification Shipping Yard Management Plant equipment Maintenance Labor Tracking and Security


Receiving As the pallet comes off the truck, a portal interrogator or hand-held device reads the pallet tag RFID allows immediate verification of all the contents of the load and visibility to the WMS or ERP system Forklift operators can be immediately directed for shipment disposition Mechanics Benefits Increasing productivity Quickly routing Eliminates steps Faster invoice settlement Eliminate human error Increase inventory accuracy Reduce inventory levels


Sortation SA 1 SA 2 SA 3 SA 6 SA 5 SA 4

Product Genealogy: 

Product Genealogy RFID tag affixed to part, assembly or box Tag can contain part number, location produced, production line, worker, date and other types of information Product genealogy can travel with the part through out its useful life or requirement of the process Portals, VMU or hand-held units can interrogate the RFID tag any where, any time to get a complete history of the item Mechanics Benefits Eliminates wasted time Improves regulatory compliance Minimize warranty risk Optimize efficiency and customer satisfaction Increases recall efficiency

Putaway & Picking: 

Putaway & Picking Place RFID tag at each location Recommended for A and B level items RFID pallet tag or over-pack label on each load VMU interrogator automatically reads and writes tags Any scanning required by a WMS for location and pallet ID Hand-held unit can be used Mechanics Benefits Swifter identification and location Alerts incorrect action Item and location matching eliminates wasted time and costs Validated without error

Inventory Management: 

Inventory Management RFID tag affixed to part, assembly or box RFID tag at each location Location and item conveyance (pallet, tote, container, box, etc.) matched at putaway Readers track rack locations, contents, moves and picks Portable readers used for cycle counting Mechanics Benefits Swift and accurate cycle counting Allows automatic reordering Eliminates wasted activity Reduces or eliminates inventory Optimizes space & cost

WIP Tracking: 

WIP Tracking RFID tag can contain the BOM, Router, etc.produced by an ERP or MES system WIP can be routed and tracked at every check point along the production process Throughout production, part/assembly/product and labor detail can be written to the RFID tag Exact sequence of parts loading is written to container/dunnage RFID tag Customer shipment information can be contained on the tag Mechanics Benefits Production choices are swift and accurate Improves quick change-over as demand requires Reduces mistakes and delays Increases flexibility


Shipping RFID tag carries data about pallet/package contents, origin and destination Customer order number and line items are verified and added to pallet or container tag at time of pick or order consolidation Computer tells delivery and inventory systems where to route the shipment and how Information can be written to the tag and stored there for the receiving customer Mechanics Benefits Ensures proper shipment sequence Swifter and more accurate order staging Eliminates shipment placement on the wrong truck Validates loading sequence Decreases shipment delays Improves customer satisfaction

Yard Management: 

Yard Management Incoming trucks logged-in Bill-of-Lading/Manifest matched to P.O. Temporary RFID tag attached to the trailer Scanning tag with handheld unit or as truck goes through a portal, writes manifest number to RFID tag If location tags are use, location is matched when trailer is dropped by driver If random location is used, RFID tag allows swift trailer location & content identification Mechanics Benefits Reduces lost shipments Increases productivity Eliminates costs Reduces excess inventory Increases customer satisfaction

Yard Management: 

Yard Management Lot B Lot A 9 12 11 10 13 16 15 14 Park in slot 13 Park in Slot 3

Plant Maintenance & Field Service: 

Plant Maintenance & Field Service Plant or field equipment carries an RFID tag Tag can contain information such as last maintenance date, technician ID, parts upgraded, actions taken and next maintenance date Technicians read tag to verify equipment and location, perform maintenance or repair, and update RFID tag with newest data Mechanics Benefits Ensures proper location and equipment Allows quick reference Immediate updates Eliminates wasted time and procedure errors

Labor Tracking & Security: 

Labor Tracking & Security Worker badges contain RFID tag Tag contains worker ID and other authorizing data Security - Workers can use their RFID badge to open portals, secure doors, cages, etc. WIP – labor value added by specific individuals can be captured Asset Utilization - Attempts to utilize assets, such as forklifts, can be verified against training Mechanics Benefits Increases facility security Decreases risk Efficiently captures labor costs Optimizes warranty


Conclusions Many RFID applications can be self-implemented Reduce costs and errors Increased productivity and efficiency Optimize space, personnel and asset utilization Minimize risk and customer penalties Collaboration can produce more value Real benefits with small to manageable process re-engineering Presented By: SAMASCO

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