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76A5 3 How to Win Friends


Research Why do it? To get ideas To explore ideas

To Get Ideas (from Inside): 

To Get Ideas (from Inside) Make Lists What interests you? What Interests your friends/colleagues? Hobbies Leisure activities Subjects of studies

To Get Ideas (from Outside): 

To Get Ideas (from Outside) Read Listen Think! Discuss

Evaluate Ideas: 

Evaluate Ideas Will the idea work For the audience? In audio terms? Is material available? In practical terms? Is it do-able? Does it enthuse you?

Approaching members of the public: 

Approaching members of the public You need help! Be together – know what you’re on about and don’t expect other people to do your work for you! Know what you want – and go for it – be assertive! Be polite Be efficient Be organised

Approaching member of the public: 

Approaching member of the public Phone calls Check if it’s convenient You call them back Be persistent Make notes Make Notes! Keep a contact book Stay organised

Doing interviews and vox pops: 

Doing interviews and vox pops Know your equipment Know your subject Know your questions KISS! Keep quiet Keep Calm One thought at a time Listen Check recording (privately)

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