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There are so many action cameras in the market! How do you decide which is the best one? This presentations is a guide for you to help select the best action camera in UAE. Click here for more info:


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First, let’s look at our best-selling action cameras : SJCAM SJ6 Legend 4K Action Camera 2. SJCAM SJ5000X - 12MP Action Camera 3. SJCAM SJ7 Star 30FPS Sports Action Camera

Slide3: SJ6 Legend action camera   Design: The body of this action camera is not waterproof, but a protective case is included which is rated to about 100 feet (300 mts. ). It comes with a standard tripod mount on the bottom, which is a rarity for actions cams. This allows you to easily use it with existing photographic equipment and adds versatility in mounting.  

Slide4: There are only three control buttons – record on the top and two small buttons on the side. One of the unique features of this action camera is that it has a touch LCD, a rare to find feature in this price range. The size of the LCD is only 2 inches. However, it adjusts the menu option comfortably and easily. The LCD is monochrome and not sensitive to touch. It only shows the recording status, available memory, and current shooting mode.

Slide5: The common formats are easily played with the help of the inbuilt media player. There are no issues with playing 30fps, H.264 videos, MPEG2 and the like. However , refrain from attempting to play 4K, H.264, H.265, and Hi10p. These shall not work at all. Moreover, Dolby is also not supported by this portable projector.

Slide6: Connection:   This action camera has a microSD card slot as well as micro HDMI and mini USB ports on the left side. You will also find built-in WiFi . The camera works great with the free SJCAM app. It lets you view the live feed, adjust the camera settings, take pictures and start-stop video recording.

Slide7: Video quality:   SJ6 is known to record video at up to 4K quality with a 25 Mbps bit rate and 24fps frame rate. This gives you a brilliant cinematic look. The details of the 4K video recording are accurate and crisp. There are other resolution options available too such as 2K which gives you a 30fps frame rate. Moreover , there is also a slow-motion capability.



SJCAM SJ5000x Elite action camera Design : The front of this action camera has 2 indicator lights, lens, and power button. The back of the camera has an LCD screen with 2 more indicator lights. On the right side, there are 3 buttons: Up, down and WiFi . On the top of the camera, there is yet another indicator light. Ports such as MicroSD , MicroHDMI and MicroUSB are located on the left side.


Video and features:   The action camera can be used to record with a resolution up to 4K at 24fps. You can record 1080p videos at up to 60fps and this is enough to make your videos smooth even while driving. You can also record slow-motion videos at 720p 120fps. Moreover, the action camera comes with digital image stabilization.



SJCAM SJ7 Star action camera   Design:   The SJ7 star has a very attractive two-toned design. The frame surrounding the camera has a natural aluminum finish while the front is matte black. There is a silver front available too if you are not a fan of black.


Video and features : The LCD screen is 2 inches in size. The action camera does not have the highest resolution, but it's sharp enough. The viewing angles are good too and even on a sunny day, it is bright enough. The SJ7 has high video quality and supports 4K capture at 30fps. The details are sharper and crisper than SJ6. Moreover, this action camera also compresses footage to 60Mbps. The audio quality is quite strong and picks up voices very clearly. There is also an external USB microphone available.



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