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Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL): 

Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL)

Table of Contents: 

Table of Contents Introduction Advantages Drawbacks Conclusion


Introduction High speed data link. Pure network connection. Coming with different schemes: CAP, QAM, and DMT. Using special modems called endpoints


Server Internet CORE Network ADSL Existing Copper ADSL 1.5 to 9 Mbps 16 to 640 kbps ADSL Connection


Advantages Connectivity – always connected Ease of use Reliability Security Speed


FDM POTS POTS Upstream Upstream Downstream Downstream Echo Cancellation Frequency Frequency 1 Mhz 1 Mhz Create Multiple Channel

Nyquist’s Theorem: 

Nyquist’s Theorem Maximum data rate = 2H log2 V bits/sec H = low-pass filter of bandwidth V = signal discrete levels


Drawbacks Availability Signal leaking Cost of installation and equipment Not standardization


Splitter ADSL modem Phone Phone Telephone line Voice + ADSL Voice (only) ADSL (only) Fig. 1 ADSL Problem


Splitter ADSL modem Phone Phone Telephone line Voice + ADSL Voice (+ ADSL leakage) ADSL (only) Fig. 2 ADSL Problem ADSL Filter


Conclusion ADSL is a high speed access to internet. ADSL has advantages but it also has limitations. ADSL needs to extend the access distance. ADSL might improve the speed. ADSL needs to be standardized.