Know the Methods of ElecFlex for Membrane Switches Design


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ElecFlex has a very sorted-after membrane switches design method to fulfill your needs. Read this article to know how we do that at


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Know the Methods of ElecFlex for Membrane Switches Design


M embrane switches Electronic goods have gained the position of daily need for a long time. With the ever-evolving advancements, along with the goods, its technicalities have also taken revolutionary stands. And one of the greatest proofs of this revolution is membrane switches. These switches are the most economical, convenient, and also attractive ones. Being a China-based leading company for membrane switches design, ElecFlex can manufacture just the perfect thing according to your need.


M embrane switches design We make the membrane switches according to your requirements and order. So, our manufacture has always been customizable to offer you the utmost benefit.


Circuit designing is the most important thing for membrane switches design. Taking care of your needs, ElecFlex looks forward to getting the right circuitry design from you. Make your design with full attention to avoid any kind of mistakes. The more precise your design will be the easier will be our task and faster delivery as well. The Design of Circuit


What kind of graphic you want to get printed on the membrane switches!! Tell us about the artwork with any file format such as . ai (Adobe Illustrator), . cdr (CorelDraw), .DXF, .jpg, just a scanned interpretation, or even a clear full dimensional image will work for us. ElecFlex can screen-print the exact thing on the membrane switches. The Graphic Overlay

The Type of Embossing:

The Type of Embossing There are mainly two types of embossing formats for membrane switches design: Pillow Emboss – It raises the entire button area. Rim Emboss – It raises only the rim of the button area . Let us know what type of embossing are you planning for your membrane and we will do it accordingly.

Additional Design Features:

Additional Design Features There are some additional yet very effective design features for both protecting and making the membrane switches more efficient, which ElecFlex can offer if you need them. Take a look : Shield – We give a shield to the membrane circuit by printing either carbon grid or silver grid upon the layout of the circuit; and it actually works most effectively. These methods are cost-effective as well . Waterproof – Along with the advancements in technology, pollution is also increasing side by side. So, to protect the membrane switches from moist or dust and to give it a long life, even after using them outdoor, we can place a waterproof gasket around the layer of the circuit. Tell us if you want to put backlight for the membrane switch to make it easy to use in darkness, and what kind of resistance and connector you need – we will do everything accordingly .


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