5 tips for loft conversions


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If you need more space at home, converting the loft into an extra room or rooms can make a lot of sense, both now and when you come to sell.


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5 Tips for Loft Conversions www.cityloftslondon.com


If your home’s loft is more useful to you as living space than storage, converting it is the obvious thing to do .


This often means building a dormer across almost the whole width of the roof and changing the line of the roof so it’s ‘straight’ viewed from the front or back instead of sloping .


For a loft to be suitable for conversion, the main space should be at least 2.3 metres high - the steeper the pitch of the roof, the better it will be for conversion.


You’ll need space for a staircase up to the loft on the floor below and if this means losing a bedroom, you may not be much better off by converting the loft.


You sometimes see houses for sale with a ‘loft room’, rather than an extra bedroom in the loft and this is usually because the room doesn’t comply with building regulations.



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