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The 3 Easy Aftercare Tips for Lash Lifting for Better Looking Lashes Lash lifting is a natural and painless cosmetic technique that allows your lashes to look curled and fluttery. This treatment prevents you to apply the eye makeup that is known to enhance your lashes and its looks. With a lash lift you get to wake up with curled lashes while saving up on your time and effort. Lash lifting process is one of the least time- consuming cosmetic therapies that involve the use of silicone rods and curling liquid that allows the lashes to curl upwards and thus imparting a dramatic look. The Lash Lifting Process This lash curling procedure when performed and maintain in the right way can last up to 12 weeks or more while omitting the effort that you use to put into curling the lashes with the tongs or using heaps of mascara for your eyes to look dramatic. The lash lifting process is something that should be undertaken only by those who are trained in performing the lash lift in Adelaide and not any random salon expert. It requires steady hands as it involves the eyes and its cosmetic treatment. While it is done perfectly there is this need to take care of the lashes well and not allow it to wilt or get back to its original form in no time. Here are few aftercare tips that would help you with maintaining the lifted lashes well.

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Avoid splashing water on your face Since the lashes have witnessed the application of bonding and curling liquids that make the lashes curl up and stay the same for long you are to ensure that it receives a time span of 24 hours for the process to settle down and adjust well. Splashing water on the face as well as the eyes is likely to curb the bonding and curling process while making the lashes get back to its original form while making all the efforts go in vain. Avoid touching it We know that curled lashes give that fluttery feeling while making you want to touch it over and over again. While you have just received the cosmetic treatment there is this need to avoid touching it for the same reason as above. You are to let the bonding liquid to settle down and allow the lashes to be curled well. Professionals at lash lifting and waxing salons in Adelaide agree that touching it would also involve the transfer of dust sweat and grime from hands while disturbing its curling process. The same goes for rubbing the eyes which can prevent the curled look. Do not apply any makeup or opt for beauty treatments When you apply eye makeup right after a lifting treatment you not just curb the curling process but also harm your skin. Since you cannot splash water or use similar liquids around your eyes to remove the makeup you will have to keep the makeup on for more than 24 hours that may have an adverse effect on your eyes and skin. The same goes for beauty treatments which may not be right for the lashes and eventually ruining the effort that you put in to curl the lashes. ______________________

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