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Male Tilapia Production: 

Male Tilapia Production Sex Reversal: testosterone laced feed fed to first feeding fry Selective Hybrids Supermales

Selective Hybrids: 

Selective Hybrids horonorum x nile, mossambique or aurea = all male offspring Possible Chromosomal Incompatibility horonorum: female = ZZ, male = ZY most tilapia: female = XX, male = XY example: male horonorum x female nile ZY x XX ZX and XY (heterozygous ZX develops as a male)

Supermale Tilapia: 

Supermale Tilapia Sex Reversal XX x XY XX XY (50%) (50%) 50:50 Genotypic male:female Feed Estrogen XX XY (50%) (50%) All Phenotypic females

1st Progeny Testing: 

1st Progeny Testing Phenotypic females XX and XY x XY Breed with normal males XX x XY XY x XY XX XY XX XY YY (50%) (50%) (25%) (50%) (25%) 3:1 male:female DISCARD FEMALE BROOD KEEP MALES to BREED

2nd Progeny Testing: 

2nd Progeny Testing Males XY and YY x XX Breed with normal females XY x XX YY x XX XX XY XY 100% male offspring DISCARD MALE BROOD MALE BROODFISH IS SUPERMALE



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