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Case Study: Communication Challenge in the Workplace : 

Case Study: Communication Challenge in the Workplace Presented By: Pan Chudabala Ruth Cardenas Regina Bustamantes Veronica Martinez Student Technology Services A department of Information Technology at EPCC El Paso Community College Valle Verde Campus

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The history, development, and growth of the institution The company’s stated vision, mission, and goals The SWOT analysis The nature of the institution’s communication strategy The current communication challenge and proposed solutions Today’s Agenda

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History, Development, and Growth of Company History/Development: Sub-division and component of EPCC Information Technology on campus since 2003 Gives opportunity for students to gain professional and hands on experience with income pay Growth: Four student managers work at the main campus office Students placed and supervised at all 6 campuses and a few outside companies

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Company Mission and Goals Mission: Student Technology Services is committed to providing its students with real-world work experience and hands-on training in the technology field to include their field of study. STS Goals for job success: Target the community Implement Student Technology Services at Ysleta and Socorro Independent School District Create STS awareness that will forever remain strong… promotion, promotion, promotion

SWOT Analysis : 

SWOT Analysis Opportunities: Support of EPCC president Growth through partnerships Becoming nationally recognized through promotion Strengths: Ability to offer services and support in the technology field Future internships and resources for students Association with EPCC Weaknesses: Low enrollment Inadequate work experience Language barrier and chain of command Threats: Other programs or companies that offer similar services in El Paso Change in college structure and president

The Nature of the Company’s Communication Strategy : 

The Nature of the Company’s Communication Strategy The nature of the STS’s communication strategy is through: Group meetings- very informative and provides updates of things needed to be addressed General status updates of individual departments- usually conducted during meetings E-mails- for quick notices

Current Communication Challenges : 

Current Communication Challenges Challenge #1: Difficulty in tracking employee performance Challenge #2 : The primary language spoken cannot be understood by all employees Challenge #3: Separation of the managers’ physical location Challenge #4: Differences in managers’ work schedules Challenge #5: Bureaucracy within the institution

Proposed Solutions to the Challenges : 

Solution #1: Implement department evaluation on a semester basis Solution #2: Make English primary language in workplace Solution #3: Managers to single office location Solution #4: Implement online discussion board for managers and rearrange work schedules Solution #5: Shorten protocol chain Proposed Solutions to the Challenges

Conclusion : 

Conclusion In analyzing STS, we feel our solutions will benefit the institution as a whole while improving employee moral. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to work with your awesome staff and management team. Sincerely, Business Team 2

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A title slide An agenda or overview slide At least one slide for each major topic of your presentation A persuasive or sales conclusion slide An ending title slide A complete, effective introduction, including an attention-getter, introduction of your business team members, a statement of the presentation purpose, and a specific overview of the presentation topics A body composed of these elements: A brief description of the organization An explanation of the communication problem Identification and rank ordering of the critical issues or concerns that a solution must address. These will probably focus on the needs and concerns of stakeholders. Specific recommendations for action, including a communication strategy that indicates how to communicate the solution to all who are affected by the recommendations (the stakeholders) and explains why this strategy is the best action to take. A sales conclusion with a call to action The history, development, and growth of the company. The company’s stated vision, mission, and goals. A SWOT analysis. The nature of the company’s communication strategy. The current communication challenge. Your proposed solution to the challenge.

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