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Corporate Governance : 

Corporate Governance David Wong Chief Executive, South East Asia ABN AMRO Bank N.V., 13 September 2006


(1) 30 June 2006 (2) The Banker, July 2006 Introduction ABN AMRO is one of the world’s leading financial institutions We believe in building strong teams and strong relationships. The rich diversity of cultures, expertise and experience we possess is harnessed to work on your behalf Our network spans the globe, with 3725 branches in 55 countries and territories, and over 110,000 employees ABN AMRO is now Europe’s 8th largest bank and the world’s 13th largest bank by total assets, with a 180-year history of financing international trade 2 Listed on Euronext and NY Stock Exchange

ABN AMRO Operates through Ten Business Units : 

ABN AMRO Operates through Ten Business Units Global Markets Europe North America Latin America Asia Private Clients Global Clients Netherlands Asset Management Transaction Banking

ABN AMRO in Asia : 

ABN AMRO in Asia

ABN AMRO in Asia: 

ABN AMRO in Asia 1826 first Asian office in Indonesia Through autonomous growth and acquisitions we gained a significant presence. Within Asia, ABN AMRO’s extensive network spans 16 countries and territories, covering all major markets in the region ABN AMRO employs over 14,000 employees in Asia, of which 5,500 service our corporate and institutional clients

Corporate Governance at ABN AMRO: 

Corporate Governance at ABN AMRO Corporate Governance in ABN AMRO is the way it conducts sustainable long-term relations between its key stakeholders: Supervisory Board Managing Board Shareholders Clients Employees Society

Corporate Governance at ABN AMRO: 

Corporate Governance at ABN AMRO Key elements in ABN AMRO’s system of corporate governance: Integrity Transparency in accordance with international standards

Corporate Governance at ABN AMRO: 

Corporate Governance at ABN AMRO Corporate Governance Practices are set out in ABN AMRO’s Annual Report and Website with full disclosure of information relating to: Shareholder influence Code of Ethics (includes Sarbanes-Oxley Act standards) Auditor Independence Articles of Association Managing Board Supervisory Board Trust Office General Shareholders’ Meeting US Patriot Act Certificate

Code of Ethics: 

Code of Ethics The standards of ethical conduct ABN AMRO expects from its employees are found within our Business Principles. The Business Principles are a set of principles that build on our Corporate Values (integrity, teamwork, respect, professionalism) by further clarifying what we stand for.

Our Corporate Values: 

Our Corporate Values Integrity Respect Teamwork Professionalism

The ABN AMRO Business Principles express what our Corporate Values mean in the relationships with our stakeholders: 

The ABN AMRO Business Principles express what our Corporate Values mean in the relationships with our stakeholders 1 We are the heart of our organisation. 2 We pursue excellence. 3 We aim to maximise long-term shareholder value. 4 We manage risk prudently and professionally. 5 We strive to provide excellent service. 6 We build our business on confidentiality. 7 We assess business partners on their standards. 8 We are a responsible institution and a good corporate citizen. 9 We respect human rights and the environment. 10 We are accountable for our actions are open about them. ABN AMRO employees Our Shareholders Our Clients Our business partners Society Compliance

Sustainable Development: 

Sustainable Development Definition “To live our Values and Business Principles to meet the needs of the organisation and our stakeholders today, thus protecting, sustaining and enhancing human, natural and financial capital needed in the future” Sustainability is about making profit responsibly, while contributing to social development and the environment. Sustainable Development for ABN AMRO Mission: Add Value to Clients, Employees and Shareholders Based on Corporate Values and Business Principles Integrity and Openness enforce Trust Interests of other Stakeholders, including Next Generations Ethical, Social & Environmental considerations

Our Business approach: 

Our Business approach Being an active and responsible member of the societies and communities in which we operate is very important to us, morally as well as financially. Whether creating new products to promote sustainable development, spelling out our Business Principles or supporting sports and the arts, we believe that being a good corporate citizen creates value for all stakeholders . ABN AMRO is integrating sustainable development into its regular business activities.

Sustainable Development – The Big Picture: 

Sustainable Development – The Big Picture Internal Inhouse Energy Water Waste Paper Travel CO2 Certif Wood External Business Risk Mgmt Lending Asset Mgmt Investment Outsourcing Client Engagemt SRI Funds Internal HR Employee satisfaction Work-life bal. Training/ Devt Perform/ Eval Knowledge Sharing Health/ Safety Diversity External Corporate Citizenship Charity & Donations Employee Voluntary Work Sponsoring External Business Risk Mgmt Lending Asset mgt SRI Funds Accessibility Client Satis Stakeholder Dialogue SR Suppl Company Financial Results LT Sharehold Value Compliance Economic Value added Corp Govern Transparency Accountability Sustainable Development Planet Environmental People Social Profit Economic

Sustainable Development – Achievements: 

Sustainable Development – Achievements

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