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Ancient China : 

Ancient China The importance of Ancient China

What is the Shang Dynasty?: 

What is the Shang Dynasty? The Shang Dynasty is known to be the first dynasty. The Shang Dynasty is a dynasty that lasted from 1760 B.C. to 1500 B.C. People grew grains like millet and rice. People from the Shang Dynasty also raised animals. During this time people used silk and flax to make clothes. A lot of bronze was used during this period of time. The people used bronze to make many kinds of tools, cups, and weapons, as well as trade goods. Thousands of years ago the capital of a shang settlement was anyang. During the Shang Dynasty some kind of bones were used to predict the future, they were called oracle bones. Rituals were important to the shang people . They usually wrote questions on turtle, oxen, and deer. They ask questions like what type of crops to plant or when to travel or hunt. Next they heated the shells or bones. after that they looked for any cracks. This helped the shang people make predictions about the future.

what is the zhou dynasty? : 

what is the zhou dynasty? People from the zhou dynasty came from west of the hang's great river bend. In 1027 b.c., a zhou leader’s army conquered the armies of the last shang ruler. Lasting for more than 800 years the zhou dynasty was the longest dynasty in ancient china. The earlier period was called western zhou. In western zhou a lot of people were farmers that grew rice, beans, and fruit. Some people were slaves . Most of the time women harvested the crops. A very important product of the zhou economy was silk. women were in charge of producing silk. Silk came from the cocoons of silkworms.

What is the Han dynasty?: 

What is the Han dynasty? The Han Dynasty started in 206b.c. and lasted to a.d.220. The first ruler of the hand dynasty called himself Han Gaozu which means high ancestor. After Han Gaozu ruled a man named wu di became emperor. he ruled about 141 to 87b.c. Wu Di was a powerful ruler,. He took away power from that challenged him .he also built many roads to improve transportation . The first complete history book on china was written by a historian named Sima Qian.

What is the Ch’in or Quin Dynasty?: 

What is the Ch’in or Quin Dynasty? The Quin Dynasty lasted for about 20 years,, ending in 206b.c. The first emperor of the Quin Dynasty was Shi Haungdi. He became ruler in 238B.C. He said that his dynasty would rule for 10,000 generations. Shi Haungdi was a great builder. He was the one that order for the Great Wall to be built. The Great Wall is one of the largest engineering projects in world history. Quin was divided into 36 provinces which means political division. People felt persecuted because Shi Gangdi wanted the government to control what people talked about and studied. The people wanted freedom.

What are terra cotta warriors?: 

What are terra cotta warriors? The terra cotta warriors are known to be monuments of actual warriors. Terra cotta warriors were built to guard the tomb of Shi Gaungdi which was carved into the side of a mountain. The army contained more than 6,000 life-sized warrior statue None of the warriors were alike.The terra cotta are very important to Chin because they protect the tomb of Shi Gaungdi. Terra cotta warriors keep robbers and other people away from the tomb.There are also arrows on the walls ready to attack if anybody dared to go inside.

Inventions of Ancient China.: 

Inventions of Ancient China. There were many inventions during this period. Some inventions were porcelain,ink,and paper. This were very important inventions, but they also invented things like glass, gold, and silk. The chinese also started exporting and importing goods.During this period of time the chinese also started using middlemen which are people who go between buyers and sellers. The Han Dynasty marked atime of great advancements in China. One of the most important inventions in Ancient China is the Silk Road.

What is the Bronze Age?: 

What is the Bronze Age? The Bronze Age the period in which tools and weapons were made of bronze.Not only was bronze used for tools and weapons it was also used for making cups as well as trade goods. Bronze was made by melting together copper and a small amount of tin. The Bronze Age started during the Shang Dynasty.The Shang Dynasty also used bronze to make bronze vessels to cook their food,

The Great Wall of China.: 

The Great Wall of China. The great wall is a wall in China originally built for protection from northern invaders.The Great Wall was built by a guy named Shi Gaundi. The Great Wall has stood up for over centuries. The Great Wall of China is one of the biggest engineering projects in world history. It took hundreds of thousands of laborers many years to finish building the Great Wall of China. The Great Wall was built by connecting existing defensive walls that had been built earlier. Rulers of later dynasties added to the Great Wall of China and had to rebuilt parts of it. During the Han Dynasty Wu Di rebuilt and extended the Great Wall. The Ming Dynasty also made the wall a lot stronger and adds to the Great Wall for about 200 years. Later under Mao Zedong parts of the Great Wall are torn down. After that when a guy named Deng Xiaoping groups begin to restore the Great Wall.

What is the Silk Road?: 

What is the Silk Road? The Silk Road is a trading route that connected Europe and lands of the former Roman Empire.The Silk Road has a length of about 4,000 miles.The Silk Road has several different routes and branches, each passing through different settlements. All of the routes reached Dunhuang. At Dunhuang the road branchedThe northern route led to Baghdad.The Silk Road was physically difficult for travel.Bandits made travel dangerous.Forts and defensive walls were constructed along the way to protect the caravans.When the Silk road came under the protection of the Mongols, it became safe for travel.

Who is Confucius?: 

Who is Confucius? Confucius is known as Kung Fuzi or master kung.He was born in 551 B.C. in the state Lu Province. Because his family was of some nobility, or high-ranking social class, confucius was able to be educated as scholar. He gradually gathered around a group of fellow scholars in diciples or followers. He set off one day in search of a ruler who would welcome him as an advisor. He lived in the later years of the Zhou Dynasty. Confucius found a place in the court of a king. One of Confucius’s anelects is everything has it’s beauty but not everyone see’s it.

What is Confusianism?: 

What is Confusianism? Confusianism is the way of thinking and living based on the teachings of confucius. This way of thinking and living continued to develop centuries after confucius died. Confusianism teaches the middle way, which means that people should make balanced decisions. Confusianism teaches that each person should accept his or her role in socciety.

What is Daoism?: 

What is Daoism? Daoism is the belief in finding the way or the dao of the universe. Daoism had almost as many influence on chinese culture as did confucianism ,but it did not focus on order like confucianism did.Laozi was the first great teacher of Daoism.He and other daoists believed that people should live in harmony with nature, not apart from it.

The Geography of China.: 

The Geography of China. China is located in South Asia. Down south by India and Mongolia. The capital of china is Beijing. There is about twelve million people living in Beijing.The first person to declare Beijing the capital city was King Wu.Beijing is located in the northeastern part of China. It has an area of 16,808 km..Another important thing is the Yellow river or the Haung River.The great river carries abig amount of Yellow silt, which is why it’s called the Yellow River. The Haung River has been called China’s sorrow because for centuries floods have wiped out crops and left people homeless. People use to built levees to control flooding.Another thing is loess.Loess is a yellowish brown soil that blows in from the desert.The land in the North China Plain is fertile because it’s enriched by loess.The last thing is the Tibetan Plateau . The Tibetan Plateau is very rocky.You can see mountain ranges to the North and South.The Tibetan Plateau is sometimes called the roof of the world.The Himalayas are located on the southern border of the Tibetan Plateau.

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