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THE TWINNING THESAURUS DATABASE Introduction and Demonstration Workshop on Twinning Skopje, 10—13th May 2005 Mike Bartels, GTZ Twinning Office Berlin Mandatary of the National Contact Point


= Information Collection on all Twinning Operations 1998-2003, used to overview national sectoral support overview partnership experiences retrieve information on specific projects support design of projects


Targetable sectors / areas 2) From Twinning projects (PHARE, TACIS, CARDS) : Project abstracts Fiches 3) Institutions participating in Twinning : Coordinates


…Multicriteria Search on … sector, Member State, beneficiary country, year and type of twinning, or any combination of these criteria …Advanced Search, for a search on the full text of the projects summaries and fiches


…Useful addresses, listing addresses of … EC Delegations and Representations, National Twinning contact points in MS and BC programme management units / coordinating units, …Links to various EC external relations sites


Practical Demonstration of Thesaurus its structure, and how to find for example: projects of a certain (sub-)sector institutions of a certain subsector project fiches for specific issues

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