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Mechanical Skill- Punctuation : 

Mechanical Skill- Punctuation EESL 545 Minjung Kim Nov. 4th. 2010

Introduction : 

Introduction What using mechanical skill to writing is what ice-cream to chocolate topping. Here is COMMA topping! Mechanical skills make your product accurate and perfect. <example>: Panda eats, shoots and leaves. Panda eats shoots, and leaves.

Demonstration: Rule : 

Demonstration: Rule Step1. Read a rule of comma. Step2. Look at the sentence and think it for a minute to make it correct. I cook tony brought the wine and then watched the film.

Demonstration: Meaning : 

Demonstration: Meaning Step3. Check to make it correct. (X) (O)

Guided Practice : 

Guided Practice Step1. Read two sentences written below and think about what they mean. (a) Jane lives on macaroni, cheese and fish. (b) Jane lives on macaroni cheese, and fish. Step2. Draw the pictures to show descriptions of the above sentences. Step3. Share the pictures and find out the correct meanings.

Review I: concept : 

Review I: concept Using correct comma makes your writing clear and concise.

Review II: practice : 

Review II: practice Step1. Read the sentence below aloud. Step2. Find out the picture that properly describes the above sentence. Step3. Compose the sentence using the other picture not chosen. Step4. Share the sentence. “Shake the bottle, well before opening”. (a) (b)

Application I : 

Application I Step1. Pair up with a person next to you. Step2. Brainstorm to make the story with the drawing below. Retrieved from:

Application II : 

Step3. Each person composes the story based on the cartoon story. Step4. Share the story each other. Step5. Exchange their compositions and make the peer’s story concise using comma. Application II

Reference : 

Retrieved from Retrieved from Retrieved from Reference

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