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PLUMBING TIPS FOR TORONTO HOME OWNERS Simple plumbing tips & maintenance

Slide 2: Major water leak Know how to find & shut off the main water valve in your home The water meter Check your meter if no water is being used in the house it should not be moving

Slide 3: The toilet tank Add food coloring into the tank as leaks will show up in the bowl Shut off valves Check shut off valves for sinks & toilets twice a year do they turn smoothly?

Slide 4: Appliance hoses Check dish washer & clothes washer hoses for cracks or signs of wear Multiple plungers Have more than one plunger on hand they are cheap & very effective

Slide 5: Drain strainers Use drain strainers in bathtub & sink drains prevents hair & other debris clogging drains Spare parts Buy & keep spare parts on hand for toilets, sinks & other appliances Emergency help Choose a plumbing service & have that number handy for quick help

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Drain City Plumbers 1096 Barmac Dr. Toronto, ON, M9L 2X3 PH: (416) 749-1800

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