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  WHAT TO DO WHEN A PIPE BREAKS www.draincity.com

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www.draincity.com If you find yourself in a situation where there’s a problem with the piping system in your home or office, don’t fret. Here’s a breakdown of what you need to do when a pipe in your system breaks, freezes or bursts and you’re waiting on the help of a professional plumber.

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www.draincity.com TURN OFF YOUR WATER SYSTEM Immediately turn off the source of where water flows for the broken pipe. Most homes and offices have a specific interior lever or knob, whereas others might have a shut-off option outside of their building.

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www.draincity.com CALL YOUR TRUSTED LOCAL PLUMBER Don’t Try To Tackle A Plumbing Issue yourself, especially if you have no experience doing so. call a professional plumber to inspect your pipes and find the source of the problem. from there, they can help you with any necessary repairs.

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www.draincity.com COLLECT THE LEAKING WATER If leakage is a result of the broken pipe, collect this water in a bucket or large bowl, if possible. Burst any bulges in your ceiling where water is noticeably pooling to allow for drainage, and wipe down any areas where water has collected to prevent further damages.

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www.draincity.com DON’T TOUCH ANY ELECTRICAL FIXTURES OR WIRING Water and electricity arent’t the safest of mixes. avoid touching any electrical fixtures or wiring if a pipe breaks in your home, and turn off your power at your main breaker as an extra safety precaution.

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www.draincity.com AIR OUT YOUR HOME To prevent further water damage such as rotting or mold, air out your home. open windows and run any fans in your home. in worst case scenarios, you may need to rent an industrial fan or vacuum to get rid of the water.

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Drain City Plumbers 1096 Barmac Dr. Toronto, ON, M9L 2X3 PH: (416) 749-1800

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