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Video components: 

Video components Presenter Lynn Barranger Space Telescope Science Institute

Video File Components : 

Video File Components Graphic Illustration Scientific 2-D model Talking Heads B-roll Animation

Graphic Illustration w/movement : 

Graphic Illustration w/movement Subliminal education Covers details See/read/relate Encouragement to know more

Scientific 2-D graphic : 

Scientific 2-D graphic Moves on still image 2D modeling Zooms

Talking head/ Interviews : 

Talking head/ Interviews Compelling person “Golden Nugget” Simple analogies, no scientific jargon Keep the story simple and make the editor/reporter care. Networks analyze for own interviews.

Aesthetics of Talking Heads: 

Interesting background Framing important Eye direction Aesthetics of Talking Heads

The Good and The Bad: 

The Good and The Bad

B- Roll : 

B- Roll Types of b-roll Reaction shots Meetings Computer processes Benefits Captures essence Area others can’t shot in

B- Roll cont.: 

B- Roll cont. Transition shots Wide Shots Medium Shots Close Up Extreme Close Up

Animation : 

Animation 3D can show what object is or what it can do Brings everyone to same page 3D animation can be costly

Video File release vs. Video News release: 

Video File release vs. Video News release

Video News Release differences to Video File Release : 

Video News Release differences to Video File Release Pre-packaged News story 90 secs. in length Covers the “How” and “Why” this is new and important to the public

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