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Intelligent Statements …statements that do more…: 

Intelligent Statements …statements that do more… A Banking & Financial Services solution


Agenda About Satyam The Satyam Adobe partnership The Problem Statement = The (E) Statement Problem The Intelligent Statements Solution The Solution at Work Demo/ Walkthrough

About Satyam: 

About Satyam Billion Dollar, Global IT Services provider Presence in 45 countries, over 20000 professionals Over 350 Customers, Include 6 of Fortune Global10 and 109 of Fortune 500 Revenue CAGR of 61.35% from FY 1997 to 2004 SEI-CMM Level 5 since March, 1999

The Satyam Adobe Partnership: 

The Satyam Adobe Partnership Amongst the top 5 Global partners of Adobe Focus on the Adobe Intelligent Document Platform (IDP) Joint ‘Solutions’ creation and GTM, driven at the highest levels Services on the IDP: Consulting End-to-end product implementation Migration (paper to e-forms, forms conversion, workflow platform)

The Problem Statement: The (E) Statement Problem: 

The Problem Statement: The (E) Statement Problem Statements are a periodic channel for informing customers of their transaction/ activity Most statements today are ‘dumb’ – i.e. contain static information on customer activity There has been a constant effort from banks to wean customers away from paper statements to electronic statements due to obvious operating efficiency gains There have also thoughts to adopt a ‘stick’ approach through pricing paper statements Customers however are yet to identify value/ benefit in adopting E Statements

eStatement Adoption - The current state : 

eStatement Adoption - The current state Adoption of eStatements has increased 26% of online households now receive one or more eStatements from financial providers ** Good News + Bad News Good News The adoption has tripled over the last 1 year Bad News 74% of the households that are yet to adopt Over 90% still receive paper statements Concern regarding the security of customer data Customers unable to appreciate the benefits of eStatements **Source: Forrester Report

What we are going to talk about today…: 

What we are going to talk about today… A different kind of an E Statement E Statements that can capture customer feedback/ requests, disputes without the user having to call the call centre or visit a web site E Statements that can embed business logic, finance calculators etc. for cross selling the bank’s other products E Statements that are secure – as much as there is E Statements that can dynamically change based on the transactions contained. Allowing Targeted offers/ promotions against transactions: Cross selling & Up Selling Targeted advertising Intelligent Statements Driving up adoption Increasing profitability & net new business Improving Customer Satisfaction

The Intelligent Statement: 

The Intelligent Statement The same old pdf but… Interactive – 2 Way Communication

The Intelligent Statement: 

The Intelligent Statement 2. Allows a customer to do more: Embedded business logic/ calculators etc. Offline working

The Intelligent Statement: 

The Intelligent Statement 3. Is Secure Adobe Document Security – The best there is Digital Certificate for Anti- Phishing 128 bit encryption of data transaction Password protection for opening Policy based protection: Optional Password validation with server every time the statement is opened

The Intelligent Statement: 

The Intelligent Statement 4. …and of course is intelligent Look & Feel/ advertising in the statement can change based on transactions in the statement

How you benefit: 

How you benefit Greater e statement adoption and concomitant cost savings Reduced call centre loads Net new revenue through up-selling/ cross selling products through the interactive statement Targeted advertising/ messaging & communications – additional revenue source

Intelligent Statements solution at work: 

Intelligent Statements solution at work

Core Technologies: 

Core Technologies Adobe Intelligent Document Platform Intelligent & Interactive PDF Industry strength security: Policy based protection Access through the ubiquitous Adobe reader Enterprise Output Management System Tested at active volumes of 6000 GB of stored data Search performance of < 5 seconds on 240 million statements

Extending the solution for additional benefits: 

Extending the solution for additional benefits Intelligent Mailers, Alerts, Anything… Automated workflows Rules-and-roles based processing reduces backlogs and delays

Thank You: 

Thank You

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