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Alexander the Great:

Alexander the Great Ruler of the World

Why “the Great”?:

Why “the Great”? In ten years, Alexander of Macedonia created the largest empire in the world up to that time Alexander spread Greek culture, ensuring cultural diffusion and the survival of the qualities of classical Greece

Alexander’s Empire:

Alexander’s Empire

Alexander’s origins:

Alexander’s origins Born in Pella, Macedonia Tutored by the Greek philosopher, Aristotle His father, Philip, was king of Macedonia, and had conquered the Greek city states during his 27 year reign

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Olympia Alexander’s mother Philip Alexander’s father

Alexander Rules:

Alexander Rules Philip was murdered in 336 B.C. by an assassin…maybe hired by his wife, Olympia… So Alexander was only 20 when he became king of Macedonia

Securing his father’s empire:

Securing his father’s empire Alexander squelched rebellions in the northern regions to the Danube River In the process of reconquering the Greek city states, his forces destroyed Thebes, massacring all, including women and children

From Pompeii mosaic:

From Pompeii mosaic

Expanding the Empire:

Expanding the Empire Alexander’s forces of over 40,000 crossed at the Dardanelles into Asia, where he declared that the whole of Asia would be won by the spear

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The Gordian Knot: the legend behind the ancient knot was that the man who could untie it was destined to rule the entire world. Alexander simply slashed the knot with his sword and unraveled it. The Gordian Knot

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Major cities in Asia Minor and along the Phoenician coast surrendered to Alexander Alexander proceeded to Egypt, where he established the city of Alexandria and was made pharaoh

The limits of expansion:

The limits of expansion In the spring of 327 BC, Alexander and his army marched into India As he conquered regions he allowed rulers to continue to govern in his name

The mystery of Alexander’s death:

The mystery of Alexander’s death Alexander died of a fever at 33… but why? Plutarch reports that he was had been plagued by several bad “omens” Some others from the time claimed Alexander was poisoned during the drinking binge

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