Basement Remodeling Tips That You Should Keep Keep In Mind

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If you want to remodel your basement into a new room then you should hire some reliable and experienced custom home builders in Westminster for the task to get the best results.


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Basement Remodeling Tips That You Should Keep In Mind If you want to add more rooms to your basement you don’t have to add another story you can go for a ​basement remodeling in Westminster instead. Using an already available space instead of adding new rooms will help you save more money in the long run. Depending on your resources you can turn the basement into anything you want from a bedroom to a washroom. You can even add multiple rooms if you have enough space by dividing it using some drywall. You need to hire some experienced remodeling contractors to get the best results. You also need to think about the room’s air circulation piping lighting etc.

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Basement Remodeling Tips 1 Decide Remodeling’s Purpose Before you begin making plans you should think about why you want to remodel the basement. There are many things you can use your basement space for like making a washroom study room nursery bedroom etc. The rooms’ design and furnishing will differ based on what you want to make. E.g. you will need more waterproof materials for a washroom than for a bedroom. 2 Hire Professional Contractors While it’s possible to remodel the basement yourself it’s a time-consuming process that requires a lot of tools materials and labor. While you can find the basic tools and materials at a local hardware store you will need help to get the finest tools and materials. If you want the best results then you should hire experienced custom home builders in Westminster. They can help you design your space based on your needs. 3 Check Local Codes Most contractors are aware of local building codes and can help you plan accordingly but it doesn’t hurt to know the codes. These codes may include the height of the room ventilation requirements lighting requirements etc. You should check these codes to know what processes will be involved during the project like digging piping wiring etc. so that you can set your budget accordingly. 4 Set Budget You should set your budget based on estimated costs like tools materials labor permits etc. You can discuss the costs with the contractors you hire. You will know the exact cost only after the project is complete so you should prepare ten percent more than the estimated costs just in case. 5 Set Schedule You should set a schedule to ensure that it doesn’t get prolonged indefinitely. You can ask the contractor for an estimated duration and prepare a schedule accordingly.

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6 Solve Moisture Problems Even if your basement rarely gets damp or flooded you should check your piping before starting the basement remodeling in Westminster. If your pipes need repair then call a plumber. You may also need the plumber if you plan on making a new washroom or laundry room. 7 Install Vents In many cases basements have fewer vents which can cause it to get stuffy from time to time. You should consider adding new vents exhaust or windows to improve the room’s circulation especially if you want a washroom. Install them away from the furnace and install a carbon monoxide detector for safety. 8 Install Lights The basement is one of the darkest places in any home. You should use as many artificial lights as possible to keep it bright. Use LED lights for better energy-efficiency and low power bills. You can also install some windows to let in natural light and wind from time to time. 9 Insulate Basement Proper insulation is important to keep the room warm and dry. You can cover exposed pipes and plug any gaps in the room to prevent warm air from escaping it especially around the windows. 10 Furnish Practically When you furnish the room think more about functions than aesthetics. You should install water-resistant materials like vinyl planks green plasterboard etc. These are some things that you should keep in mind when you hire ​custom home builders in Westminster ​ ​to remodel your basement. Contact Us At : Contact Name : ​Crossroads Construction  Address : ​P.O. Box 351388 Westminster CO 80035  Email : ​   Contact Number : ​303 669-0167

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