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Reflections of Our Lives:

Reflections of O ur Lives

The Places We Played:

The Places We Played

Bars Downtown/The Flats:

Bars Downtown/The Flats The Agora Fat Glenn’s House of Bud The Roundtable The Mistake Otto’s Backroom Pirates Cove

PowerPoint Presentation:

The Corral Tommy’s Spanky’s Hennessys The Symposium Phantasy Bars West The Agora (Toledo) Big Dick’s Inn Between The Roundhouse

Bars South:

Bars South Agora ( Columbus) Filthy McNasty’s Mr. Magoos The Longhorn KSU Rathskellar Atomic Alps

PowerPoint Presentation:

Utopia Bars East Peabody’s Cafe The Cove

PowerPoint Presentation:

Chesterland Hullabaloo Teen Clubs Cyrus Erie West M entor Hullabaloo North Ridgeville Hullabaloo

Schools and Such :

Schools and Such Bowling Green State Case Western Reserve Lakewood High St. Ignatius Padua Midpark Trinity St. Raphael St. James CYO St. Christophers Our Lady of Angels Normandy Eastlake St.Joe’s Cedar Point Geauga Lake

Our Friends Who Spread The Word:

Our Friends Who Spread The Word

The Slimmer Twins:

The Slimmer Twins Marty Mooney 5.3.03 Steve Popovitch 6.8.11


WMMS Brian Chalmers 6.20.09

Scene Magazine:

Scene Magazine Jim Girard 4.22.06 1970-1998

The Queen:

The Queen Jane Scott 7.4.11

Our (Fallen) Brothers In Arms:

Our (Fallen) Brothers In Arms

They Helped With Our Gear:

They H elped W ith Our Gear Ed DiFiore 1.30.05 “Pappy” Fagin 6.25.94 Dave “Jiffy” Jeffy 1994

They Made Us Sound Great:

They Made Us Sound Great Dave Penn 12.10.11 Steve Kovach

Utility Players And Then Some:

Utility Players And T hen Some John Vorobel Jr. 7.15.09 Vic Walkuski ( Rastus )

Where The Action Is:

Where The Action Is Cliff Bryant 7.6.12

A Big Guy Who Never Missed A Note:

A Big Guy Who Never Missed A Note Robert “ Hoss ” Ostrunic 12.1.02

At Least One Yere Too Soon:

At Least One Yere Too Soon Russ Schneider 7/19/2007 Danny Mentessi 8/5/2005 Marty Riiel 5/19/2007

A Bluestone Union:

A Bluestone Union AJ Robey 7.26.06

“The Cute One”:

“The Cute One” Gary Grimes 12.13.10

The Guy With The Amazing Voice:

The Guy With T he Amazing Voice Eric Robertson 12.7.07

Baloney Heads Rule:

Baloney H eads Rule Stan Bloch 11.13.04 George Duffy 5.4.04

The Riders On The Storm:

The Riders On The Storm Bruce Moore 2.26.11 Bill Pettijohn 4.8.11

They Made American Noise:

They Made American Noise Jerry Moran 4.26.12 Craig Balzer 1.7.11

Reflections of Our Lives:

Reflections of O ur Lives Thanks For Sharing It With Us! Magic The Bowlers Tongue Thrust Rich Reising George Sipl Dan Hrdlicka Steve Knill Don Krueger Don Kriss Rick Christyson

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