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Chivon Stratton Chivon Stratton

What is ? : 

What is ? Naviance is a web-based research and planning tool for students, parents, and guidance counselors. The website manages individual students as they move through the entire college planning, application, and decision process. Through Naviance, counselors and students can communicate about upcoming deadlines and important notices. In addition, Naviance builds a history of application trends and acceptance histories. This data helps both students and counselors grasp emerging trends in application results to better guide students towards realistic college planning.

What is ? Cont… : 

What is ? Cont… Naviance is also a career guidance tool that assists students in finding careers that are personality oriented. Additionally, Naviance is used to program students for classes. Students use Naviance to select and register for their classes each year.

Population Served by Naviance : 

Population Served by Naviance Naviance gears its services toward High School Students grades 9-12 but is accessible to lower grades students as well, mainly Junior High School students wanting career guidance.

Pro’s of Naviance : 

Pro’s of Naviance Easy to use Able to create a 4 year academic plan Able to research and record career interests Able to create post high school plans resumes Able to discover scholarship opportunities Able to complete college and scholarship applications Able to store essays and letters of recommendations Abel to communicate with students, counselors and parents easily

Con’s of Naviance : 

Con’s of Naviance Not accessible with all school information systems Costly Accuracy of Statistics for school use is dependent on information that school reports and inputs Cant use if you do not have access to a computer and the internet

New Contributions of Program : 

New Contributions of Program Inclusive program linking communication between counselors, parents and students Allows students to build and monitor an action plan for career, academic and college success in one site Puts all college search view books and catalogs in one place Naviance retains students information, providing an automatic database of student profiles and information for school districts

New Contributions of Program : 

New Contributions of Program Naviance incorporates vertical articulation as well, which is designed to place students in the most rigorous courses indicated for their : skill levels climate surveys to measure key dimensions of a school’s climate and reporting to ensure that students are placed on their optimal trajectory

Future of Naviance : 

Future of Naviance Naviance hopes to be one day the “one-stop-shop” to academic and career guidance for all students, parents and school counselors. Naviance hopes to appeal to students who are in need of college and career guidance by supplying them with the proper tools to support their drive in life.

Bibliography : 

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