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Call TOLL FREE 877-633-7328 in South Carolina for Medical Waste Disposal and removal. We offer Sharps Biohazard Waste Disposal and Medical Waste Disposal services in South Carolina.


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Introduction of Biohazard Waste Removal:

Introduction of Biohazard Waste Removal Biohazardous waste , also called infectious waste (such as blood, body fluids, and human cell lines), is waste contaminated with potentially infectious agents or other materials that are deemed a threat to public health or the environment. 2

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Let our experienced team help you::

Let our experienced team help you: Secure Waste , Inc. has been providing medical waste disposal in South Carolina  and nearby areas since 2001, cities like Columbia, Charleston, Myrtle beach & more have enjoyed our competitive pricing and compliant hazardous waste services . 4

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Contact Us Secure Waste, Inc. 7 Phone Office: 877-633-7328 Fax: 301-368-9079 Email :

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