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3/1/2017 1 Child Care Services companies Brooklyn New York


3/1/2017 2 Bright Horizons at 345 Adams Street List of Child Care Services companies Brooklyn New York Hanover Place Child Care, LLC RR Plumbing Roto-Rooter Company Overview Magic Moments Childcare Bambi Day Care Center Inc. RR Plumbing Roto-Rooter Sunflower Child Care Cypress Hills Child Care Corporation


3/1/2017 3 Best day Care Brooklyn New York


3/1/2017 4 Child Protective Services is responsible to receive and investigate reports of child abuse and neglect, and to provide, arrange for, and monitor services for children and their families. - medical and hospital personnel - school officials - social service workers - child care workers - residential care workers and volunteers - law enforcement personnel Child Protective Services in Brooklyn New York


3/1/2017 5 Child Protective Services in Brooklyn New York


3/1/2017 6 Find a Child Day Care in Brooklyn New York If you would like to start your search on your own, the Child care facility search page will bring you to a search window that will allow you to search the entire database of regulated child care providers in New York State


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