The Truth about Modeling Discussed by Child Actor LA

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If a modeling agency likes your look, they will get their own photographer to take their own pictures, and not charge you a penny (it will be deducted from your first paycheck).


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The Truth about Modeling Discussed by Child Actor LA So what is the truth about modeling Here it is from real talent scouts and photographers. You Dont Need a Portfolio to Be a Fashion Model If a modeling agency likes your look they will get their own photographer to take their own pictures and not charge you a penny it will be deducted from your first paycheck. They are SELLING you thus they dont need YOUR money. In fact if you ever show up at a real modeling agency with a portfolio made by one of the fake agencies theyll be polite and ignore them completely. It shows that youre a desperate wannabe. An Agency Should be Licensed or Bonded In many states such as California Texas Florida and more a "talent agency" must be licensed by the government. In some other states or jurisdictions they need to be bonded. If the "opportunity" doesnt even mention the full name of the agency and their permit number its probably a fake agency. If they do show a permit check with the appropriate agency or state attorney generals office to make sure the license is current and valid.

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If the agency is out of state call the number listed on the license not the business card to verify that they do have an agent in your area holding an event. Some scammers are known to wave around fake credentials. Even if the agency is licensed it can still be a "fake" agency with a name similar to a real agency to trick unsuspecting noobs and wannabes. In the UK a newspaper editor went undercover to check out three so-called modeling agencies. "Fusion Models HQ" turned out to be completely unrelated to the real talent agency "Fusion Management." An Agency Should be Promoting Its Models Not Itself A real talent agencys purpose is to promote its models to the clients so the models should be front and center on its website and any information about itself secondary. If the website you encounter is the opposite i.e. talks a lot about itself but little about the models the agency is likely a fake. An Agency Should Feel Like an Agency If you visit the agency in person does it feel like an agency with phones ringing secretaries and assistants answering and a few busy rooms If the place is quiet as a mouse with photos on the wall that looked suspiciously like theyve been clipped from magazines and lots of empty rooms or unrelated businesses it may be a fake agency or a model "school" pretending to be an agency. An Agency Should Not Have an Exclusive Photographer

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A legitimate agency will give you a "testing list" which is a list of legitimate photographers they have used before with good results if you really want to pay for test shots yourself. Paying for shots is NOT required at least at the beginning. They should not require you to use one specific photographer. If you find an agency that requires you to use one specific photographer they are probably getting a kickback from the photographer. An Agency Should Not Require You to Print Comp Cards Legitimate comp cards should cost about 1 each and if you are brand new you should not need more than 100 of them at first. If an agency pressures you to print 500 to 1000 of them and charges you above-market rates it is likely cheating you padding the bill. And if the agency asks you to write a check to it for printing costs instead of to the printer run away. They are almost certainly padding the bills. An Agency Should Not Charge You Much for Online Listing A legitimate agency once they sign you should list you for minimal cost a few dollars a month or completely free. It is their JOB to promote you as it benefits them and picture hosting nowadays costs next to nothing. If they pressure you into buying a whole years worth of listings at outrageous prices they are likely cheating you.

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Remember it is their job to sell you. They wont hide your portfolio from clients just because you didnt pay for the website. If they dont serve their clients they dont get paid. Website listing is OPTIONAL. Consider asking them to find you a job first and then if you do get it deduct the cost from what you earn. It should be negotiable. If its not consider going elsewhere. Obviously if they do let you list for free until your first job you should repay them ASAP. If thats not possible feel free to buy a few months of listing and see if it brings you any work. If not perhaps the listing is completely worthless. Also do read the Child Actor LA scam prevention guide for you by the experts at Child Actor LA.

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