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OHD Garage Doors Chicago 25 East Washington Street, Suite 300 Chicago, IL 60602 (773) 966-2177 http://www.ohdgaragedoors-chicago.com Garage Doors Chicago are the newest fad to become popular amongst first-time homeowners and veteran ones. These are more efficient than their predecessors and are easily updated with electronic door openers. They are more durable and long lasting as well. However, when one needs repair and/or replacement it is best to call in a professional to do the job. Or, if you want to update your garage with an overhead door, then call a local professional to handle the installation.


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Key Consideration In Buying Garage Door In Chicago For the uninitiated it may seem a very easy task to buy a garage door but the garage door is no more considered as mere secondary door. It has become an important investment and in many homes the main entrance to the home. Nowadays the garage doors increase the appeal of the exteriors of the home and the resale value by forming a major part of the home’s façade. Thus it is very important that you buy the Garage Door Chicago with great care and due diligence taking into account your needs the climate of your area and most importantly the overall exteriors of your home. The color and style of the Garage Door Chicago that you buy should complement your home’s façade and not be in competition with it. Do remember that the complementary garage door will always increase the appeal while the competitors will always decrease the appeal and resale value of your home. Garage doors with windows allow natural light into the garage and hence should be preferred over. But the style of the windows should again compliment the rest of the exterior windows. The next step is to look at the panels and their designs. Some of the most popular panels are:  Flush panels: These panels are flat and can be textured so that they can easily blend into the surrounding door or exteriors.  Raised: They are commonly available in the short and the long styles. They help the door in standing out and are the number one choice for the homes having detailed trimmings such as the Victorian Colonial and Tudor architectural styles.  Painted: The inside slope of the Garage Door Chicago panel is usually painted in the contrasting colors to make the door really stand out. With the door panels being painted in eye-attracting designs the garage door really stands out. Most of the modern Garage Door Chicago open electronically and remote control. Though the faster motor is quite expensive it helps in saving time when entering or exiting the garage gate. Do remember to check for the safety features as well as the option of door insulation too. Doors with multiple layers give more insulation durability and strength. When purchasing your Garage Door Chicago you should also ask for the warranty period so that if any problem arises and you need Chicago Garage Door Repair within the warranty period you need not have to run around searching for the repair service. This is extremely important as it offers you a cover under difficult circumstances. If you need Chicago Garage Door Repair always prefer the repair service that is associated with the sale of the garage door so that you can take adequate precautions against being duped. Also if possible try to ask for quoted from more than two repair services so that you become aware of the approximate cost of the parts to be replaced. Compare not just the cost but the quality of workmanship also.

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Investing In Automatic Openers For Garage Doors Chicago IL Have you got tired of getting out of the warm and cozy car especially in the midst of a snowstorm or heavy thunderstorms to manually open your garage door If yes then it is time that you consider about installing the Automatic Garage Doors Chicago IL openers. By installing these openers you can say farewell to those wearisome days of bending and then lifting up the heavy garage doors. The new automatic garage door openers have several new security and safety related features along with the convenience of opening up the doors at the touch of the button. These features become all the more important if you have young and energetic kids running in and out through the garage door. When you are deciding on the type of Automatic Garage Doors Chicago IL openers you want to buy some of the aspects you should consider are:  How important is the speed of the opening of the doors for you and what should be the noise level  What is the kind of the garage door opener you would prefer  What sorts of safety features are crucial for you  What are the different features that you would want your remote access to have  Are there any other special or specific options that you would like in your garage door opener The Automatic Garage Doors Chicago IL openers are basically of three types and each one of them has its own advantages and drawbacks. The chain drive garage openers works on the principal of having chain attached to the metal trolley for opening the door. The advantages are that these are one of the most popular types of door opener as these are the most economical and have a very dependable operation. Having hidden chain helps in greatly reducing the noise. And the disadvantages are that these are very noisy and require cleaning and lubrication at regular levels to keep the noise levels down. The screw-drive automatic Garage Doors Chicago IL openers work on the principle of using the threaded steel rod for raising and lowering the garage door. The benefits are that these door openers have few moving parts and due to the lining of the tracks by plastic there is very little noise. These openers also run very smoothly and have fairly low maintenance. But the disadvantages are that you need to keep these door openers well lubricated so that they perform optimally. They are costlier than the chain drive openers. The last category is the belt-drive type of Garage Doors Chicago IL openers work on the principle of using the rubber belts for opening the doors. These types of door openers use the rubber belts and hence eliminate the metal to metal contact that can be seen in the other drives. Hence there is very little and minimalistic noise and vibrations. While the cobs are that these door openers are very costly and require a large upfront investment.

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Types And Styles Of Overhead Garage Doors Chicago Only buy an Overhead Garage Doors Chicago only after due diligence as the safety and security of your family is of utmost importance. This becomes all the more important if your garage door is the main entrance to your home. Though there are a variety of garage doors available you can look for the overhead garage doors as a good option too. There are numerous advantages of buying these overhead garage doors as these are available in different types styles and materials. The three basic types of Overhead Garage Doors in Chicago that are available are the tilt-up type the roll up type and the sectional type.  The tilt up garage doors are the traditional and the oldest type and are made up of large single panels that have to be heaved upto the garage ceiling. But its drawback is that you need a wide space in front of the garage as well as in the garage. If you are short of space then this type is not a good option for you. Moreover these types are not considered as secure and also offer very minimal protection against the adverse weather conditions.  The roll-up Overhead Garage Doors in Chicago run on tracks and as name suggests they run on tracks and get rolled up into the above-head garage door entrance tanks. They are made up of many sections that are combined with the help of hinges to become one large single unit. These types of garage doors are quite good if you have tall openings and the space on the ceiling is very little. The biggest drawback is that you have to keep them properly lubricated and regularly maintained to work properly and are considered to be expensive.  The sectional Overhead Garage Doors in Chicago are made up of just 3-4 panels that are joined to each other with the hinges or the axles. These types of garage doors also wind up into roll and get lodged into the tanks that are fitted above the garage door entrances. These are quite popular as they offer good protection against the adverse weather conditions and also because of their durability and the security these offer. The drawback is that the sectional types of garage doors need lot of space on the ceiling and there are often few mechanical discrepancies during their workings. The Overhead Garage Doors in Chicago are available in various materials such as the wood the steel the aluminum and the fiberglass. Depending upon your requirement you can choose from the materials. The steel material offers the maximum durability strength and even insulations while the wood material is not only expensive but also requires higher maintenance and is not considered to be durable. Though there are many companies offering a range of garage doors it does get difficult to select the best supplier. But read online reviews and know more about the company you intend working with. That will help you decide.

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