Try these new wall hangings ideas for more beautify your home.

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decorate wall with these new and beautiful hangings ideas for this Diwali


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Best Wall Hanging for Diwali Decoration to  beautify your Home  Source: ​ or-diwali-decoration-to-beautify-your-home/ Diwali is a festival of light and most of we all think about decorate our home. And we use all mostly use string lights for decorate our house from outside and put Diya everywhere for decoration put beautiful lantern and lamps for galleries living room but what about wall. We have mostly dont have any decorations idea for wall. But here we have perfect wall hanger for Diwali decoration. See these beautiful wall hanger to decorate home this Diwali. Do you know that paper is a very useful and amazing things for decorate our house. And they are looking very beautiful. If you like crafty things then you make them at home or not then you can buy them from market or fancy shapes. You can order them.

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They have many choices such as light effect simple colourful wall hanger traditional wall hanger and more. we are talking about Diwali wall hanger then lord Ganesha and laxmi is come first. This wall hanger you can make at home in just very easy steps. Just art of wind thread over the card and guled in desire design and decorate with bells glass stone and more. Glued lord Ganesha and laxmi image.

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This one is one the most beautiful and colourful wall hanger. And it also made by paper art. So you can buy from market or you can order them from amazon and more other site.but you can made it at home by just simple folding paper and colour them and fix them according desire design.

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This is Diwali season so that you can easily find beautiful wall hanger. And there you have too many choices. Which are give awesome look and makes your home wall more beautiful. You can add with them wall stickers such as flower stickers butterfly tree and more. And best thing is that they are not too expensive things. So you can buy them very easy. Many people love to make DIY handicrafts. For them we also have something new and creative which is easy to make. There we have diya wall hanger which are look really nice. And for that you need some homely materials like paper card threads stone glitters colour for decorations. You can make them in just simple steps cut diya on paper card and decorate them and fix all in desire design and hang it.

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You can also use some west things for that like old diya jar glass bottles and much more. String light is very common way to decorate home. Let be make it fun and something new and creative. Use these lights with photo collection. Hang photo with string light and hang on the wall. You can also use this idea for birthday and other surprise. So no more spend too money on buying such a beautiful things. Because we have many Diwali wall hanger idea to decorate your home in your budget. So use these beautiful ideas and decorate your home.

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