Easy Rangoli Making Ideas for Diwali Decoration.

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Rangoli is a traditional folk art of India. These decorative art designs of images and figures are made on the floor of living rooms, at the doorstep. try these latest rangoli designs.


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Exclusive And Easy Rangoli Design for Diwali  source: ​https://decoratehome652229206.wordpress.com/2019/10/19/11-exclusive-and-easy-ran goli-design-for-diwali/ Diwali is one of these important Hindu festivals which is celebrated worldwide. Rangoli designs are of many shapes depending on the occasion celebrated designs. Rangoli is a traditional folk art of India. These decorative art designs of images and figures are made on the floor of living rooms at the doorstep. Rangoli can be simple or very elaborate designs. The base material is usually dry or wet granulated rice or dry flour colored sand and even flowers and petals. the combination of beautiful bright colors makes rangoli a magnificent piece of art. So lets enjoy these beautiful Diwali Rangoli Designs. 1. Dry color rangoli : Rangoli is an art and we understand creating one with perfection is not an. Easy task for everyone. This color rangoli designs is a idea to create a beautiful rangoli .get inspired and let your creativity flow 2. Flower Rangoli :

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You are not that great with colors and you have any allergy with dry color then there is other option for flowers. And they are spread freshness and easy to make. 3. Peacock Rangoli: Peacock has a lot of importance in Indian culture. It is one of the easiest and perfect design for rangoli. Seen here color and floral peacock rangoli designs.

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Colors are the one of the beautiful thing. Which makes you happy. Here we use color to make peacock rangoli. To. Make it first make rangoli outline according to design with the use of your fingers tips. And fill color in it. Floral rangoli designs are to easy to make. And seen here is beautiful floral peacock rangoli which done using colorful floral garland and pattles. For make it first draw a basic sketch of your rangoli design. Then arranged flowers in different order. If you wanna make it more beautiful then you can use diya around this. 4.Ganesha Rangoli Design :

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Without lord Ganesha we are never imagine any occasion. And if are talking about Diwali then they come first. So this year decorate your home with Ganesha rangoli. Here you have seen colourfully and floral rangoli designs. You can make anyone both are easy to Make. 5. Diya rangoli:

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Have a look at these simple beautiful rangoli designs. It stays true to the spirit of Diwali with the use of Diya. And a massage "Happy Diwali " is drawn to add to the enthusiasm of the festival day. Add diya or candles to make more beautiful. 6.Boarder Rangoli Design :

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If you have square-shaped hall or room and wish to highlight the particular area this boarder rangoli designs is perfect for your rooms and hall. It is combination of the traditional chalk powder Kolam and dry color. But you can use any varity of flowers to make it look brighter and beautiful. 7. Kolam Rangoli Design: If you are looking for a Mandala art you should try this design.to make create using chalk powder. For give perfect shape use dry chalk powder . mix a little drop in chalk powder . lamps are placed on the corner for a visual effect. 8. Pongal Kolam Rangoli Design:

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The main purpose of a Rangoli is to channelize your inner energy through curves lines and bright colors. Seen here one such exclusive design for your prayer room. It can be done using a freehand drawing. people called pongal kolam rangoli design too. 9. Swastik Rangoli Design ​:

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Swastik is one of the most significant symbols of Hinduism. Which is believed to bring peace and prosperity. It is also used kickstart any celebration or festival like Diwali. Seen here these beautiful swastik rangoli design for this Diwali. We add here lord ganesha too in center of swastik and other one is round swastik rangoli with 8 pattles using of flower and color. You can hold diya for make more beautiful. 10. Kundan Rangoli:

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If you desire for a long lastik and a readymade Rangoli. Check out these beautiful Kundan Rangoli. These are available in many online stores. But if you wanna make it at home then you can make this one at home very easy. Just add some creativity on design and arranged kundan according to design on a platform like card board hard paper sheet etc. you can later be stored for future use. 11. Freehand Rangoli:

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Here is another gorgeous design that you can create at home without much ado. First take chalk and draw basic outline. Then draw with chalk powder and then fill colour which are bright and bold. You can make it more pretty by adding lamps. So This year don’t settle anything for ordinary Make your Diwali more special by creating these beautiful rangoli designs in your home.

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