Best Diya Decoration Ideas for this Diwali- easy to make

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7 Best Diya Decoration Ideas for this Diwali-  easy to make  Source: ​ ion-ideas-for-this-diwali-easy-to-make/ Diwali is one of the awaited celebration in India. And diyas play an important role in celebration and festivity. Diwali is incomplete without diya and around the house. So your never ignore them. So add some creativity and make it fun and awesome. This year try handmade diwali decoration . use diya to decorate home. And no more wasting time searching the web for beautiful DIY creations. So here we have some diya decoration ideas that will brighten up this Diwali. 1. Diya Decoration with stone: Stone is a very easy and beautiful way to decorate diyas. And you can buy them very easy in stone store and near by market in different size shape and colour. Which are look very beautiful. It’s diwali so We all have simple diyas at our home use some colour first to paint them and let it be dry for a hours. After a hours glued stone on diyas surface outside and center in your desire design.

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2. Shell diya Add some creativity and try something new. Here we share a very unique and creative idea for making diya. For that you will need small shell and mom. And you can make it in very easy and simple step in just minutes. To make it first fill shell with mom and put a batti in it and let it dry for some time. And your shank diya is ready. You can use them as a perfect Diwali gift. 3. Diya holder

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This diya holder give creative and beautiful look. For make it you will need hard sheet stone colour glue and other decoration items. First draw diya shapes and circle on the hard sheet and cut it. And cut another small circle this is platform to put diya. Now use decoration material such as colour stone pearl and glitter to decorate. Glued all the part each other like image. Put diya on it and it ready to hang. 4.diya in jar:

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This is awesome idea to make a simple diya lantern. Believe me it looks wow in the dark. So use your west jar for decoration. It is so easy to make and creative beautiful to look. Just have a jar and use a glitter glue and make desire design on the glass jar. And tight with thread and put diya on it. Now hang it in the dark. 5.decorate with paper quilling: Paper quilling is a very beautiful art as we know. We can decorate anything with paper quilling in any design. Here we use this pattern for decorate diya and make them beautiful. You can make a beautiful platform for putting diyas and you can decorate diya surface. To make a perfect and beautiful platform. First cut a small size of circle and make paper quillies in desire design. Now leave a space for put diya and start glued the quillies on circle and you can add pearl to make more beautiful. Your diya platform is ready to have diya on it . they are easy to hold and beautiful to can put them out of door and middle to table. 6.Diya painting ideas:

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Nothing beats the joy of buying Diya from the street side and painting them in gold orange blue and more. 7. Floating diya:

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Great way to decorate your home this Diwali is with floating diya. Just take a crystal bowl or metal pot filled with water and flower petals with floating diyas will make for lovely Diwali decoration for lobbies living room and garden. The bottom line: I hope you find here what you want for decorate Diwali diyas. these all ideas makes perfect and too beautiful your simple diyas in just minutes. These all decoration ideas are easy to make at home. So read to light up your homes and spread happiness.

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