top 5 DIY Diwali Handmade cards for Kids -with tutorial

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Best and easy diwali cards design idea for kids to make at home in just few minutes , awesome handmade diwali idea with tutorial step by step .


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Diwali cards for kids Source : ​ Diwali is the biggest and brightest of all the hindu festivals and it is just around the corner . It is the time when people including kids make efforts to diwali greetings to their near and dear ones. So here we have compiled ​handmade diwali greeting cards ​ for kids to make which will help them to make easy gifts for friends and relatives. And awesome ideas for you to try making . Handmade diwali greeting card design 1. Pink candle diwali card

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YOU WILL NEED : ● Red card ● Pink ribbon ● Niddle

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● White colour HOW TO MAKE : ● Take red card ● Draw candle on it ● Now you need needle ● Take ribbon in needle and start stitching on card according draw candle ● Set ribbon on card according to image ● Write happy diwali with white color

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2. Glitter diya diwali card YOU WILL NEED : ● Colourful sheets ● Glitters ● Stone in heart shape you can use any shape ● sketch color HOW TO MAKE : ● First take a sheet and fold it

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● Draw layers design on one side paper and cut it remember one side paper only ● Now draw diya on other paper and cut it ● Glued these diya on middle of card ● Cover diya and layers with glitters ● Glued stone on card ● And write happy diwali on under layers part which is visible . You can add other design on place of layers and other ​decoration idea ​ . 3. Pataka ladi diwali card

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YOU WILL NEED : ● A old card you can use merriage card ● Red and yellow paper ● White thread ● Glue ● Water color HOW TO MAKE IT : ● Take a hard card and colored it with sky water color ● Cut red one paper in 6 piece equally and cut more paper as you want ● Role paper pieces and glued them edge .

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● Now take 4 white thread equal length and quilled each other . ● Take yellow color and make two type of shape one small role and second like stick . ● Glued all these on card according to image . This design give your card special and creative look . you can add other pataka design in place of pataka ladi . 4 . mirror stone and ditya center diwali card YOU WILL NEED : ● A hard card ● Mirror stone ● Golden pearl chain ● Glitter glue ● Green paper HOW TO MAKE :

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● Take card and draw a circle in middle ● Cut same size circle on green paper ● Cut diya in red and yellow paper ● Glued all these paper pieces on card ● And use glitter glue to decorate the edge of diya and circle ● Now glued golden pearl chain out side of circle then glued mirror stone out of golden chain 5 .middle diya cut card

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YOU WILL NEED : ● White paper ● Water colour ● Glitter starts stone ● Simple round stone ● glue HOW TO MAKE : ● Take verticle white paper and fold it ● Color this paper in middle like image

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● Now take another white paper in short of first paper in length ● Draw three diya on another paper and cut it ● Glued this paper on first paper ● And decorate middle diya with glitters and stone Conclusion : These all cards is very easy to make ​ . ​You can also use this design for card making kids school competition. Because it looks very simple and easy to make in just few minutes . In this article we add all the best and easy diwali greeting card design for kids . and best thing is that these all card based on diwali theme like candle diya pataka . and this idea makes your card unique from other card. So this diwali send good wishes and love with beautiful greeting cards .

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