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are you looking for best and unique idea on making handmade diwali cards for your kids . so check out our new and beautiful collection and make your diwali special with the ultimate and creative diwali greeting cards or amazing decoration ideas .


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Focus keyword- ​Handmade diwali cards keyword family diwali greeting cards design diwali cards idea for kids creative diwali cards images of handmade diwali cards simple diwali cards diwali cards video greeting cards decoration idea Tittle : ​Best Diy Handmade Diwali Card with unique and easy ideas -2019 Description : ​ are you looking for best and unique idea on making handmade diwali cards for your kids . so check out our new and beautiful collection and make your diwali special with the ultimate and creative diwali greeting cards or amazing decoration ideas . The Ultimate DIY Diwali greetings cards idea 2019 Exchanging cards or sending greetings to your family and friends is one of the most popular way of sanding love and happiness . and if it’s handmade cards then become more especial moment . We live in india and in hindu culture have many festivals in a year and diwali is most biggest festival .all indians want make special every year . So this diwali season make special and memorable moment to sending love with beautiful handmade diwali greetings cards to your near and dear .

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Easy and Beautiful Handmade Diwali cards. you can make at home easily ​. Here we provide best and easy ​ Diy Idea ​ for made beautiful and different types of ​diwali ​ cards with different theme . and kids also make these cards at home very easily . Basic diwali cards for kids Making Simple diwali cards is like simply fold the paper and draw diya and diwali drawing on cards with beautiful colours and for more beautiful you can also give outline design like diya design cutting etc. Basic cards making supplies such as card stock pattern paper glue and few embellishments has been used for making cards .

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This handmade cards can be made in just 10 min .

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So like this is most easiest way to make beautiful and easy cards for kids in few min. But if you wanna more beautiful and creative diwali cards at home . here list of some best idea for make your cards especial . 5 best Diwali cards making and Decoration idea you can use for make more beautiful you diwali cards 1 . OHP SHEETS 2 . using Glass Colours 3 . using colourful glitters 4 . paper quilling technique 5 . diya cut on cards

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So now we use these following ideas and make unique creative and beautiful handmade diwali greetings cards Design and card decoration idea. 1 diya cut card ​This is the one of the best ideas for diwali greeting cards . because based on diwali theme . You can cut diya on paper in many ways and make your cards unique and beautiful . Different ways like cut diya out of paper cut diya in middle of paper or cut paper in diya design . and after cutting you can use as decoration glass colour and colour full glitters . And make you diwali card as you want .

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Cut diya in middle of paper Cut paper in diya design

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Diya cut out card 2 . paper quilling cards

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Paper quilling technique is most beautiful and unique way and beautiful work of art and this way make your card very special and creative . quilling cards are a good diwali greeting idea . How to make paper quilles ​ : first cut paper stripe and folding narrow stripe of paper into coil . Use your fingertips for give desired shape . and glued on card in desired design .

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3 . the aakash butti and paper lantern design cards The aakash butti and lantern hangs on outside of home to invite goddess lakshmi into our house according hindu culture . So you can use this on you card for send best wishes . and you can apply in quilling technique on your cards for looks unique . Like simply draw lantern with colours or you also apply paper quilling technique and paper cutting .

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4 . Glitters cards In this type of card design we don’t use colours . we use glitter for give colourful look to a white paper and also use glitters for paper cutting design . you can also use stone here to give wow look .

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Round cut diwali card : Round cutting cards look very beautiful and best thing is that it’s very easy to make in just few minutes .you can use here glitters glass colors and add decoration idea as you want . You also use stones golden bells pearl etc for decoration .

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Pop up diwali greeting card : Pop up cards is one of the best diwali cards . which you can make for your loved one . and they are looking impressive and unique . Best thing In pop up card is that when you open it the art you make in it come out . You can make any type of design like diya write happy diwali or flower design

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So these all pattern for kids and you can use these ideas for other festival . now we take a look on specially diwali greetings cards with diwali theme . Diwali means firecrackers and patakas . and you can apply this patakas theme on your greeting cards for give especially diwali look . Here are some ideas to make firecrackers and patakas diwali cards. So let’s have a look . Foam patakas cards :

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String crackers cards

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These all patterns is best and unique ideas for making beautiful and handmade diwali cards with different diwali themes . in this article we provide all amazing crafts and diy for making handmade diwali cards . One of the best thing is that you can apply these ideas for any festival season. Try these making diy cards at home and spread love and happiness. So this festival season make your own beautiful and unique handmade greetings cards for your near and dear .

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