NetSuite Solution Provider- Everything Interested Parties Need To Know


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Chetu is the global, industry-leading solution provider of NetSuite cloud-based financials, ERP, PSA, and omnichannel commerce software suites. We offer industry-specific NetSuite solutions for professional services, wholesale distribution, manufacturing, and eCommerce.


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Oracle NetSuite:

Oracle NetSuite NetSuite Solution Provider: Everything Interested Parties Need To Know

What is NetSuite and Who They Are?:

What is NetSuite and Who They Are? NetSuite is a unified business management suite that consists of enterprise resource planning (ERP), inventory management, and financial management, manufacturing, and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions. NetSuite facilitates organizations to keep all back end processes in a single system, enabling businesses to have a competitive advantage and lowered operating costs . They are an online network provider. They help provide solutions through one online source. Most businesses can benefit from this single source outlet as there is no middle man. Companies use the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) for a variety of things including financial planning, resources, and tools, and managing their online ecommerce stores and maintaining loyal customer relations.

How much does it cost a month to utilize?:

How much does it cost a month to utilize? The licensing begins at about $1,000 a month. The average monthly base for user access is about $100 a month. There are more advanced solutions to inquire about. The company reserves these for those who need increased security and tech advancements.

Features of NetSuite Development Services:

Features of NetSuite Development S ervices Let's look at some of the features of NetSuite development services The main benefit of NetSuite development services is innovative services. Customers can design the image and brand they want. The company does not offer cookie-cutter options. Customers get a single-sourced interface that encapsulates every possible option available. Customers get new and interesting ways to transform their brand and online store using the innovative ways of the interface Customers can maintain their in-store approach utilizing new methods and tech advancements. Those same advancements can also be used to engage on the online platform.


More online tools can offer sales associates the chance to engage more proactively with their customers without losing any of the classic ways. The custom NetSuite development systems provide a combination of old and new ways condensed into one (which is what most tech advancements are about anyway). Companies want to retain some of the older and more useful methods with new and exciting ways of implementing them. NetSuite combines both. The other great benefit is the custom NetSuite development systems is they work on any device the customer uses. The systems use interfaces that complement the desktop PC platforms as well as any mobile devices.

Benefits of Using NetSuite Services:

Benefits of Using NetSuite Services Customers get one source for everything. That means the customer can run everything from one place without having to spend more money and end up with more mistakes. Customers can use different channels for their merchandise. Not all merchandise works the same. Some merchandise needs more time and extra attention. Customers will have choices on how they want the front and insides of their stores to look. NetSuite offers something for everyone. Customers want to see new and inventive ways of seeing their favorite store and products. NetSuite can give customers that and more.

A Certified NetSuite Consulting Partner:

A Certified NetSuite Consulting Partner Chetu is a certified NetSuite consulting partner of Oracle NetSuite. Chetu’s expert developers providing NetSuite solutions combining technological expertise, among other talents. Please visit the link to find out more about their consulting services. They help everyone from small businesses to major Fortune 500 companies and other entrepreneurial enterprises.

Contact Us:

Contact Us Chetu Inc. Address: Headquarters & Delivery Center 10167 W. Sunrise Blvd. Suite 200 Plantation, FL 33322 Phone: (954) 342 5676 Fax: (305) 832 5987 Website: https://

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