Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central- A Complete ERP Solutions


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Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions is a unified software package that provides Enterprise Resource Planning for businesses that have outgrown their existing account software, and need a complete stack of accounting, financial, sales, marketing and service modules project management, supply chain, inventory and operations management, all in a single unified package.


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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central: A Complete Enterprise Resource Planning ERP Solutions

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solutions is a unified software package that provides Enterprise Resource Planning for businesses that have outgrown their existing account software and need a complete stack of accounting financial sales marketing and service modules project management supply chain inventory andoperations management allinasingle unified package. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions accounting customer service management supply chain inventory and more can all use the same universal database to help integrate business through the cloud.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Vs. Dynamics 365 CRM If a company primarily needs to manage financials manufacturing shipping projects and services then Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is fundamentally what a company needs. Within the software there is basic customer relations management software to help with sales department functionsandmanagingsales campaigns Dynamics365CRM. However if your sales department needs help in managing quotes keeping track of contacts has customer relations management functions that exceed the basic support provided by Microsoft Dynamics365. However you do not have to choose one or another. With Microsoft Dynamics integration solutions a company can get both for all of their integrated business needs. You can of course buy both or youcangetacompany likeChetucreates custom MicrosoftDynamicsNAVsolutions.

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With Custom Microsoft Dynamics NAV solutions a company gets the best of both worlds and the integration between accounting and sales is infinitely smoother than if a company buys both and tries to integrate ontheirown. OnebenefitofMicrosoft365overanotherERMsuitelikeNetSuiteisthecompanyleftplentyofspacefor 3rd party Microsoft Dynamics Integration Solutions or to put it in plain English a company gets more bangfortheirbuck.

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Benefits Of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Solutions The central buzzword of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is application solutions. With the software enterprises gainMicrosoft Dynamicsapplication solutionstotheirproblems. Oneofthoseproblemsbeingtheprotectionofdata.Any enterprisedealingwithEuropeancountries must adhere to the general data protection regulations established by the European Union. Those who dont follow the GDPR face stiff fines. But Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help integrate all securityconcernsforthecompanyAnotheroftheMicrosoftDynamicsapplicationsolutionsisinthe areaofmobility. The software can be accessed anywhere and from any device including a smartphone because everything resides inthecloud.

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With functionstosupport accountingandfinances software functionality that supports customer orders and supply planning managing inventory working more efficiently with your partners budgeting automatic billing keeping track of employees through the HR function keeping track of customer calls managing tickets for customer problems and more Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is the idealsoftware foranybutthesmallest ofcompanies. And Microsoft partners such as Chetu can help design a specificsoftwareintegration foracompanysneeds. Touse a simple analogy one could buy a Ferrari at a dealership that goes 190 miles but that doesnt mean you can drive it that fast. To get the most out of Microsoft Dynamics 365 you need a partner like Chetu who can show your entire enterprise howtomake maximum useofthesoftware.

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