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Good Manners And Etiquettes:

Good Manners And Etiquettes Presenter:-Chaitany Soni

What is Etiquette ? :

What is Etiquette ? Etiquette in simpler words is defined as good behaviour which distinguishes human beings from animals. Etiquette means behaving yourself a little better than a absolutely essential. Etiquette refers to guidelines which control the way a responsible individual should behave in the society .

Need for Etiquettes :

Need for Etiquettes Etiquette makes you a cultured individual who leaves his mark wherever he goes. Etiquette teaches you the way to talk, walk and most importantly behave in the society. Etiquette is essential for an everlasting first impression. The way you interact with your superiors, parents, fellow workers, friends speak a lot about your personality and up- bringing. Etiquette enables the individuals to earn respect and appreciation in the society. No one would feel like talking to a person who does not know how to speak or behave in the society.Etiquette helps individuals to value relationships.

Types of Etiquettes:

Types of Etiquettes Eating Etiquettes Telephone Etiquettes Corporate Etiquettes Meeting Etiquettes Business Etiquettes Social Etiquettes

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Eating Etiquette-  Individuals must follow certain decorum while eating in public. Wash your hand before and after the meal Don’t make noise while eating. One should not leave the table unless and until everyone has finished eating. Chew with your mouth closed Hold your utensils properly Wait to be served

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Ask for whatever you want instead of reaching out directly or pointing at dishes Don’t talk with food in your mouth Don’t talk on your cell phone during the meal and if you want to get up in between,ask to be “excused” Don’t put your elbows on the table

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Telephone Etiquette-  It is essential to learn how one should interact with the other person over the phone. Telephone etiquette refers to the way an individual should speak on the phone. Ensure the number is correct Identify yourself imediately,don’t make them guess who is calling Never put the other person on long holds. Make sure you greet the other person.

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Take care of your pitch and tone Know how to answer the phone Don’t spend hours talking Don’t interrupt while the other person is speaking. Observe courtesies like “Hello”,”Please”,”Thank you” and “good bye” Ask them if it’s convenient to talk now.make sure you are not disturbing them If you dial up wrong number,apologise don’t just hang up

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Corporate Etiquette-   Corporate Etiquette refers to how an individual should behave while he is at work. Each one needs to maintain the decorum of the organization. Treat your co-workers,cleaners,maintenance people and other with respect and courtesy Show respect for each others workspace,knock before entering Don’t gossip about any co-workers private life Reach office on time

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Take responsibility for your mistakes,apologise and go about correcting the mistakes Keep your work area tidy,try not to be messy Always give respect to older than yourself even if they are junior to you in position Put your phone on silent or vibrating mode at workplace Make sure you turn off the monitor while you go out for lunch or tea breaks Never wear casual wears at work.and females should avoid wearing heavy jewellery at work

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Meeting Etiquette-  Meeting Etiquette refers to styles one need to adopt when he is attending any meeting, seminar, presentation and so on. Listen to what the other person has to say. Never enter meeting room without a notepad and pen. It is important to note down important points for future reference Pay attention to the proceedings quietly,don’t shuffle your papers

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Do not dominate the meeting.All communication must take place through the chairperson Never be late for Meeting,it is extremely rude to arrive late for meeting Meeting should have a break every two houurs.breaks should be 20 minutes long and meal break should be 30 minutes long Do not leave the meeting until it is closed by the chairperson As the meeting leader,Thank people for attending and request feedback As the participant,provide your feedback

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Business Etiquette-  Business Etiquette includes ways to conduct a certain business. Don’t ever cheat customers. It is simply unethical. Your customers rely on your expertise and knowledge.So,be helpful and honest If there is conflict,do not get personal in your remarks Keep not loose your temper The old adage that the customer is always right

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If you have a website it should be a pleasure not a pain to visit Keep your website informative and helpful Speak softly,clearly with good eye contact to your customers If you employ a receptionist,make sure that they do not take out their frustration on your clients

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Social Etiquette-   Social etiquette is important for an individual as it teaches how to behave in the society Say Thank you always,Specially when someone holds or open the door for you Walk on the sides of the road Don’t talk while you cross a road or driving a vehicle Wear headphones when you listening a music in public Do not smoke in prohibited places Leave the seats for ladies and disabled persons in bus or train,if possible To conclude, etiquette transforms a man into a gentleman .

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Take permission to enter in someone’s personal room Be on time Talk quietly Don’t split in public place Do not cough or sneeze in anyone’s direction.use a tissue,if possible Don’t talk behind others back Don’t swear-It impresses nobody

Eating Etiquette:

Eating Etiquette

Telephone Etiquette:

Telephone Etiquette

Corporate Etiquette:

Corporate Etiquette

Meeting Etiquette:

Meeting Etiquette

Business Etiquette:

Business Etiquette

Social Etiquette:

Social Etiquette

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General manners

Question 1 :

Question 1 In the business arena: Only men should stand for handshaking and all introductions Only women should stand for handshaking and all introductions It is not necessary for men or women to stand for handshaking and all introductions d) Both men and women should stand for handshaking and all introductions

Question 2:

Question 2 For easy reading, one’s name badge should be worn: On the left shoulder On the right shoulder On the left hip d) Around one’s neck

Question 3:

Question 3 The best way to meet people at a business or social function is to: Head for the bar or buffet immediately upon arrival Introduce yourself to two people who are standing close and talking softly Look confident, standing in the center of the room, and wait for someone to approach you d) Introduce yourself to a person standing alone

Question 4:

Question 4 When you are dining with someone important and your cell phone rings, you: Answer it within two rings and keep the call brief b) Ignore it and pretend that someone else’s phone is ringing c) Apologize and turn the phone on silent mode. The person you’re with takes priority. d) Apologize, step away from the table, and take the call in the lobby or restroom.

Question 5:

Question 5 If you have a morsel of food lodged in your teeth and you want to remove it, you: Take your knife when no one is looking and remove the morsel promptly with the blade Raise your napkin to your mouth and discreetly use a sugar packet or your business card to remove the morsel c) Politely ask your server for a toothpick d) Excuse yourself and go to the restroom to pick your teeth in private

Question 6:

Question 6 When two business people communicate, how far apart should they stand? 1.5 feet 3 feet 7 feet

Question 7:

Question 7 When answering a business phone, always answer With a simple hello. It sounds more approachable and less pretentious. With your name With your name, department, title, and a greeting

Question 8:

Question 8 You have just heard a coworker in the cubicle next to yours speak rudely to a client on the phone. You should: a) Wait until the call is finished, then tell the person that their behavior is unacceptable b) Tell your boss c) Respect your coworker’s privacy and refrain from commenting

Question 9:

Question 9 When you reach a doorway at the same time as another person, the following rules apply: Whoever arrives first should open it and hold it for those who are following Men should always open doors for women Women should open doors for men to prove that they are no longer oppressed d) Always open the door for someone of either Gender if that person has his or her hands full

Question 10:

Question 10 When making a business introduction, You should: A) Wing it b) Introduce the less important/junior person to the more important/senior person c) Introduce the more important/senior person to the less important/senior person d) Don’t do anything. It is their responsibility to introduce themselves

Some Very Nice Quotes on Manners:

Some Very Nice Quotes on Manners “Friends and good manners will carry you where money won’t go.” “To succeed in the world it is not enough to be stupid, you must also be well-mannered.” “Politeness is the flower of humanity” “It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice.”

PowerPoint Presentation:

“Sometimes Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot.” “You can get through life with bad manners, but it's easier with good manners.” “The test of good manners is to be patient with the bad ones.” “Doesn't matter what a person's name is as long as he behaves himself.”

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