6 Skin Issues You Must Never Ignore

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In this post, we list some signs that demands an immediate visit to a dermatologist in kolkata or any other city where you live.


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6 Skin Issues You Must Never Ignore Our skin is a reflection of our internal health yet many of us tend to ignore the skin issues which are strong indicators of our overall health. For instance we often overlook issues such as skin blemishes severe itching redness blisters sudden pimples and many more like them. Ignoring such signs can lead to severe problems and therefore it is important that you see a doctor as soon as you notice a skin problem which takes more time to heal than usual. In this post we list some

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signs that demands an immediate visit to a dermatologist in kolkata or any other city where you live. 1. Suspicious moles This is one of the most common skin issues that people tend to ignore. What they don’t know is that a suspicious mole can be an early indication of some serious health issue such as skin cancer or melanoma. So the sooner you visit a dermatologist the better is the prognosis. 2. Red or itchy eyes A red eye or itchy eye is often an indication of conjunctivitis and usually people ignore it in the initial stages thinking that it will subside on its own. Some assume it an eye issue as it affects the area around the eye and therefore they visit an ophthalmologist or eye doctor for treatment. But ideally one must visit their dermatologist for the same. 3. A wound or cut that is not healing A cut or wound if not addressed in time can lead to serious complications. It could be a sign of melanoma or could lead to tissue death. If you have been cut or wounded recently and it is taking more than usual for the cut to heal then make sure you don’t ignore the issue.

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4. Brown patches on the skin If you have been noticing brown patches on your face especially on the forehead or the upper lip then this could be because of Melisma a problem caused by a hormonal reaction to the Sun. In case your skin is not responding to OTC therapies then you need to see a dermatologist who would recommend the right medicine often sunscreen chemical peels and bleaching agents that will provide quick results. 4. Recurring skin ulcers If you have been dealing with skin ulcers for long or they keep coming back quickly then this could be an indication of an issue with your digestive tract. These ulcers usually start slow and initially you would just notice discoloration in some areas of your body. As it progresses you will see the skin getting eroded. Do not ignore these signs and see a dermatologist in the initial stage itself. 5. Permanent Changes to the Skin Besides moles many other skin issues tend to stick to the skin. And we often ignore these changes supposing them trivial issues. But that’s not right. You must not ignore anything that has changed in your skin. If you don’t want them to turn into bigger problems such as spreading of rashes or skin cancer it is advisable to seek the help of a dermatologist as a preventive measure.

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6. Genital bumps People often relate genital bumps to a sexually transmitted disease or a condition that needs the attention of a gynecologist. But sometimes these bumps may be the result of lichen sclerosis a skin disease that can further lead to squamous cell cancer. Word of advice If you have been facing skin issues don’t go the self-diagnosis way. Seek help of a professional to treat the problem before it aggravates. This will help you not just get quick relief to the problem but also avoid any serious complications in the future.

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