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CHEMCON is a leading manufacturer of Pharmaceutical intermediates and Oilfield Chemicals (Completion Fluids). At Chemcon, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, we manufacture all our products complying GMP guidelines and completion fluids of unmatched purity, complying with highest standards (API-RP-13J) of quality in Oilfield Industry.


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CHEMCON is a leading manufacturer of Pharmaceutical intermediates and Oilfield Chemicals Completion Fluids. At Chemcon an ISO 9001:2008 certified company we manufacture all our products complying GMP guidelines and completion fluids of unmatched purity complying with highest standards API-RP-13J of quality in Oilfield Industry.

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Calcium Bromide Powder -Capacity 3500 tons per annum Calcium Bromide Liquid – Capacity 18000 tons per annum HMDS – Capacity 3600 tons per annum CMIC – Capacity 900 tons per annum Expanding to 1800 tons per annum

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To make advanced intermediates used by API Industry and Completion Fluids used by Oilfield Industry worldwide. To contribute to a major share globally in the supply of in-house manufactured intermediates for API Industry and Completion Fluids for Oilfield Industry .

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Over 20000 square meters of land comprising dedicated areas for plant facilities Green belts. Works on Zero effluent discharge. Recycling of treated waste for process. Captive Power Generation – Safe Uninterrupted operations. Commitment towards environment protection – progressing to obtain ISO 14000 Certification. Huge plant capacities well open RCC construction facilities – Ensuring absolute ventilation. Well designed and approved warehouses – Adequate required storage areas for Engg hazardous raw materials and finished Stocks etc.

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 We are exporting our products to various countries like Japan USA China Iraq Dubai Nigeria Pakistan Taiwan and Spain.  We are also procuring raw materials from different states within India as well as from across the world.  We have also have our stocking facility at Jebel Ali to provide additional ease and speed in delivery of material to client base in Middle east region.

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CHEMCON Completion fluids Calcium Bromide Solution 52 Calcium Bromide Powder Pharmaceutical Intermediates Hexa methyl Disilazane Trime Thyl Chlorosilane Hexa Methyl Disiloxane Chloromethyl Isopropyl Carbonate

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 We believe that education is the first step for development of any community. We are supporting schools in the villages by providing educational material and sponsoring extra-curricular activities so that children learn and enjoy their school years.  We sponsor festival celebrations in the villages around the company infrastructure.  Our continued efforts are involved in upgrading the Sanitation Hygienic infrastructure needed by villagers thus leading to improved standard of living.

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 Chemcon is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment to its employees customers business partners or who may come in sphere of its environment that may affect them.  Safety is the very heart of Chemcon. We at Chemcon believe in maintaining highest standards of safety while at workplace or otherwise. To ensure that upgrades in health and safety are in place with the latest technological advancement all the employees undergo fire and safety drill from time to time ascertain adequate orientation to the same.  Chemcon also maintains a repository of safety messages in the interest of all its employees and visitors.  The systematic HSE Health Safety Environment system was introduced in Chemcon in the year 2008 and it’s been on a roll ever since.  Chemcon announces zero accident since over a decade.

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PLANT LOCATION  Plot No.355 Manjusar – Kumpad Road Village : Manjusar Taluka : Savli Dist. Vadodara Gujarat India Phone: +91 2667 -264104 Fax: +91 2667-264366 CORPORATE OFFICE  9th Floor Onyx Business Center Akshar Chowk Old Padra Road Vadodara – 390020 Gujarat India. Phone:- +91 265 2981195 Fax:- +91 265 2983754  Email:

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