Chutney Paneer

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Chutney Paneer recipe by master chef Sanjeev Kapoor.


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Chutney Paneer By Chef Sanjeev Kapoor


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Slide3: Aam papad stuffed into slit paneer slices, coated with green chutney, wrapped in banana leaves and pan cooked. Cooking Time:  16-20 minutes Servings:  4 Preparation Time: 6-10 minutes   Category: Non-Veg Description

Slide4: Paneer (cottage cheese) 250 grams Aam papad pieces 18-20 Oil 1 tablespoon Banana leaves cut into 8 pieces 2 Chutney Fresh mint leaves roughly chopped ½ cup Fresh coriander leaves roughly chopped 1 cup Bengal gram (daalia) roasted 1 tablespoon Garlic cloves 5-6 ginger peeled and sliced ½ inch Green chillies 2 Onion 1 medium Salt to taste Juice of 1 lemon Ingredients

Slide5: Step 1 To make chutney, put mint leaves, coriander leaves, roasted Bengal gram, garlic, ginger and green chillies in a mixer jar. Quarter onion and add to the mixer along with 4-5 tbsps water and salt and grind till smooth. Transfer into a bowl, add lemon juice and mix well. Step 2 Thickly slice cottage cheese and slit the slices without cutting through. Step 3 Insert 3 aam papad pieces in the slits of each cottage cheese slice. Method

Slide6: Step 4 Coat the stuffed cottage cheese slices with the chutney. Step 5 Heat oil in a non-stick pan. Step 6 Place banana leaf pieces on worktop, place one cottage cheese slice on each piece and fold the leaf to make a packet. Step 7 Place the packets in the pan, cook till the underside is browned, flip and cook on the other side similarly. Step 8 Arrange the banana packets on a serving plate, open one of the parcels and serve immediately. Method

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