Chocolate Biscuit Delight

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PowerPoint Presentation: Chocolate Biscuit Delight by Masterchef Sanjeev Kapoor

Chocolate Biscuit Delight:

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PowerPoint Presentation: Chocolate cheesecake made with paneer and khoya. Cooking Time:  20-30 minutes Servings:  4 Preparation Time:  20-30 minutes   Category:  Veg

PowerPoint Presentation: Cooking chocolate, grated 150 grams Digestive biscuits 10-12 Powdered sugar 4 tbsps Cinnamon powder 1tsp Butter 2 tbsps Paneer (cottage cheese) 100 grams Cocoa powder 3 tbsps Khoya/mawa 4 tbsps

PowerPoint Presentation: Melt cooking chocolate in a double boiler. Put digestive biscuits, 2 tbsps powdered sugar, pinch of cinnamon powder and butter in a mixer jar and grind finely. Transfer the mixture into a bowl. Mash 50 grams cottage cheese in another bowl. Add 2 tbsps powdered sugar and mix it well.In another bowl put the remaining cottage cheese, cocoa powder, remaining cinnamon powder and khoya and mix well. In a glass, put some biscuit mixture and press it down with the help of a spoon. Over it put a layer of cottage cheese-sugar mixture and press it down. Put a third layer of cocoa-cottage cheese and press it down. Pour melted chocolate on top, chill and serve. - See more at:

PowerPoint Presentation: Serve with a smile

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